10-19-2016 Meeting Minutes

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Oct. 19, 2016

8391 W. Temple Drive  Harrison, MI48625


The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Board Members Present:Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.


  • Guest:Edward Uber, Tammy and Mike Galloway, Dale Majewski, Mike and Mary Beth Trzcienski, Bob Pearson and Barney Ledford


  • Guest Speakers: Dale MajewskiClare County Commissioner


Oct 20, 2016 the New Farmers Market will open up in Harrison.

One department that was cut when we were going through the Budget was the Mid Michigan Development Core, they are involved with downtown Harrison Enhancement Project as well as the Farmers Market. They have reinstated it, but the money will not come out of the General Fund it will come out of the Community Development Funds.

They have a vacancy in the IT Department which they are going to fill through Kelly Services.

They have a vacancy in the Treasurer Department and they will be replacing that person.

Second land auction took place on Sept. 27, there were 40 parcels and there are 8 left after the auction – 6 in Lincoln Twp. and 2 in the City of Clare. The left over parcels stay in the bank but if you are still interested talk to Jenny.


·         Guest Speakers: Tammy Galloway – Activities Director

Everything is all set for the Treat or Trunking for Oct. 22, and hoping for a good turn out.


·         Guest Speaker: Barney Ledford – Running for Clare County Sheriff

Spoke about his qualifications and his plans if elected.


  • Approval of Meeting Minutes: 09/21/2016 Meeting Minutes

A motion was made to accept the minutes as printed. Motion made by Treasurer Gruber/Trustee Scarbrough motion carried.


  • Treasures’s Report:

Slowed down only have received two or three payments since September. A lot of inquiries from Title companies and Bank about properties, so maybe things are starting to move.

We did receive about $1300.00 refund from the State for Elections that Mary applied for, so I would like to thank her for filing for that.


·         Sheriff’s Incidents: 31 and 1 wire down


  • Clerk’s Update:

Election Nov. 8 and I’m holding a training class on Tuesday Oct 25 for the Election Inspectors.


  • Old Business:

Audit – very high marks, excellent accounting skills. Should be receiving our books in about a week and they will be in the office.




·         New Business:

·         Snow Plowing Contract – After looking at bids the board voted and Clerk Borgula made a motion. Motion passed to go with Express Snowplowing.

Hall Policy – Funeral Dinners: if you are a property owner here in ReddingTownship you can use the hall free of charge with a $30.00 deposit, which you will get back if the hall is left clean after the dinner. They will have limited use of the kitchen (Refrigerator / microwave/sink) they can bring in their own prepared meal – the Township will not be providing the meal. Treasurer Gruber made the motion Trustee Scarbrough supported

Vote: Supervisor Krchmar/No as printed  ClerkBorgula/Yes Treasurer Gruber/Yes Trustee McGlashen/Yes Trustee Scarbrough/Yes   Motion carried.

Parking Lot Lights – Repaired and changed bulbs to LED bulbs that will save electricity and the bulbs are supposed to last for 10 years. I had approval of $500.00 so that’s as far as I could go.

Hall Lights – the side and back lights aren’t working; don’t know if we have it in the budget to hire the company to come and check the lights or if we should try changing the bulbs. Board agreed to try changing the bulbs first without hiring the company to come out and do it.

Treasurer Gruber is going to look into a Energy Rebate for changing the Hall lights over to LED.

MTA Training sessions – Supervisor Krchmar suggested that anyone on the board that has not attended should.

Medical Marijuana Licensing Act – we should put in place an Ordinance against allowing growers within our Township.

Supervisor Krchmar thought the Ordinance would be around $500.00 through Fayhee.(not sure of name spelling)

Windmills – maybe an Ordinance should be written not allowing them in our Township.


·         Public Comment:

Trustee McGlasen – last month she mentioned that the LG Booster Club was going to pick up can good donations and put baskets together, but after more thought LG Booster Club is going to collected their own can goods – they are still going to be possibly filling 1-3 baskets for Redding Twp.

ReddingTownship will be putting together their own holiday baskets.

Tammy Galloway – Deputy Clerk – thanked Clerk Borgula for all her training she took the time to give me to make it a smooth transition come November.

Treasurer Gruber stated that Tina in Equalization is doing a wonderful job, and that she has even talked to them about printing/folding/stuffing the tax bills. There would be no contract she would just bill us for what she normally bills us for.  Supervisor Krchmar stated that it should be a board decision to have them printed – Treasurer Gruber stated that she wouldn’t be signing any contract and that the cost would be a wash and a lot less time consuming for her. Clerk Borgula made a motion to allow Tax bills to printed by Equalization, was supported and Motion carried.

Mary Beth, stated that she was very upset about the Funeral Dinner Policy – that she didn’t know anything about it being written: Mary Beth stated that this shouldn’t be about them but about us, and at times it sounds like you people are not serving us – its suppose to be all out in the open – you and your secret meetings. You just adopted a policy which I have no clue what it was about Clerk Borgula stated that it was talked about at the last meeting. It is suppose to all be out in the open and be approved and I know noting – we used to have to buy our own supplies. When Pat and I were there we bought our own tape at the Dollar Store – Clerk Borgula spoke up and asked Mary Beth how do she know they don’t – Mary Beth stated because she knows the difference between cheap tape and 3M tape? I know what it looks like. And I can’t believe how much ink you people go through you need to look into printers with cheaper ink.


·         Approval of Bills:

o   A motion was made by Trustee McGlashen supported by Trustee Scarbrough to approve Check #3009 – 3029 withholding of $452.60 and total amount of $10.022.78

o   Motion carried

·         Motion to adjourn:


o   A motion was made by Clerk Borgula/ Trustee Scarbrough to adjourn at pm  Motion carried



TGalloway – Deputy Clerk