2-15-17 Board Minutes




Feb. 15, 2017

8391 W. Temple Drive Harrison, MI 48625


The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance


Board Members Present:Supervisor Borgula, Clerk Galloway, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.


  • Guests: Mike Galloway, Dale Majewski, Ed Uber, Ray Borgula, Dave Gruber, Rick Ulman


  • Public Comment:


  • Guest Speakers: Dale MajewskiClare County Commissioner: Don Colander from Parks and Recreation was in and updated on some of the projects and fundraisers they are working on. Clare County Emergency Plan was approved, it is required under FEMA. They had their second Budget meeting and revenue is down, they are planning an off site meeting with the Department Managers to see what they can do to help them balance the budget.


  • Guest Speakers: Rick Outman – District Liaison Senator Emmons’ Office, came to introduce himself. He also spoke about the Smart Meters. He was on the Energy Board for 6 years and he will try to get a representative from Consumers Energy to attend the MTA meeting in April and speak about the meters.


  • Approval of Meeting Minutes: 01/18/17  Meeting Minutes & 02/01/17 Special Meeting

A motion was made to accept the minutes after corrections to Meeting Minutes & Special Meeting Minutes

Motion made by Treasurer Gruber with corrections/ Supported by Trustee McGlashen all in favor Motion carried.


  • Clerk Report:

Election Equipment Demo – The first of three demos was held by Dominion Voting System, the equipment was very nice and easy to work with. The vendor still had a couple issues they are still working on with the State regarding the ICX unit and how the ballots would be entered into the Poll Book. They are matching what the State is giving to each precinct so the cost for the equipment to our township would be nothing.


  • Treasurers Report: Everything is going well. Did have 5 or 6 show up to pay their taxes today. First two weeks of February there were about $3000.00 in charges. The Point and Pay (on-line payment for taxes) sends the Treasurer a daily email regarding any amount taken in within that day. As of Monday about 80% of the Taxes have been collected.


  •  Sheriff’s Incidents: 35 calls  

  • Unfinished Business:

AMAR Audit: Special Meeting was held and a plan was put in place. Plan was sent to the State.

Community Clean-up: Supervisor Borgula, hasn’t been able to work on it very much, but she wants to try and get volunteers. She also will be contacting the Forestry Road Commission to possibly use the contracted workers and contacting Phil Duggan for ideas or help.


  • New Business:

    Contracts: Supervisor Borgula brought in the new contract from MVW and Associates Inc. Trustee McGlashen pointed out corrections that need to be made on the contract prior to us signing the new 2 year contract. (Ex: Pg2 Article III Section 17 (shall be and – should read – shall be an)).

    (Ex: Pg. 2 Article IV Section 18 (shall be the sale source or – should read – shall be the sole source or)). Once these corrections have been made, Supervisor Borgula will bring contract back to the Board.

    One year Contracts: – Will be adding into the Policy that the Board has the option: to re-new a year contract without posting. This will be brought back to the Board Meeting next month for approval.

    Meals BOR: Supervisor Borgula, Trustee McGlashen, Clerk Galloway and Trustee Scarbrough will provide something. These meals will be for the Monday, March 13 (9a-3p lunch) & Tuesday, March 14(3p-9p dinner) meetings. Organizational meeting will be Tuesday, March 7 at 9a and wrap up meeting will be Thursday, March 16 at 9a (no meals needed).

    Transfer Station Recycling Signs: The sign would be metal with magnets and attach to the sides of the recycling bin; they are approximately 11×14 and will run around $15.00 each.

    Supervisor Borgula made the Motion to approve up to $60.00 for the signs Supported by Trustee Scarbrough all in favor Motion carried.

    Waste Management: Waste Management is claiming that the township still owes for a Roll Off $414.75 from September 2016. Supervisor Borgula has been working with them trying to resolve the issue; she has sent them a spreadsheet showing all our payments to them. Supervisor Borgula asked Clerk Galloway to forward her any emails to and from Waste Management around Sept. 7. Question was asked by Trustee McGlashen if there was a fee if we broke the contract with them. Supervisor Borgula replied that she was pretty sure that there would be and that our contract with them doesn’t end until 2019. Supervisor Borgula will continue to work with them on this issue.

      • Public Comment:


    • Approval of Bills:

      Motion was made to approve the checks 3114 – 3134 equaling $5,576.33 by Treasurer Gruber and Supported by Supervisor Borgula all in favor Motion carried.

        • Motion to adjourn: Made by Treasurer Gruber Supported by Trustee Scarbrough all in favor Motion carried

        • Meeting Adjourned 8:31




          TGalloway – Clerk