4-19-2016 Board Minutes




April 19, 2017

8391 W. Temple DriveHarrison, MI48625


The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance


Board Members Present: Supervisor Borgula, Clerk Galloway, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.


·         Guests: Mike Galloway, Dale Majewski, Ed Uber, Linda & Paul Miller


·         Public Comment: Linda Miller stated that she would like to see the Funeral Dinners offered back at the Township Hall, she has been talking to ladies who are willing to help and she offered to chair. She gave her info to Clerk Galloway.


      Linda and Paul Miller also asked why the street lights aren’t working on Ashley & 2nd Street as well as Main & Ashley. Supervisor Borgula said she would make the call to Consumers Energy to get someone out here to fix the lights.


·         Guest Speakers: Dale Majewski Clare County Commissioner:


      Rudy from the Animal Shelter stated that 2016 was actually a banner year for the Clare County Animal Shelter, receiving the Most Improved Animal Shelter – reported they received 977 complaints. There were 759 animals were handled and the adoption rate was 89%. The adoption fee did go up to $30.00.


      Election Equipment – Lori Martin attended the meeting and spoke about the election equipment – she tabled the motion to purchase Dominion. She is going to go back to take another look at ES&S. She also talked about that there was going to be a rebate on some of the maintenance costs that were going to be handed down to the townships. Commissioner Majewski’s response to that was he would like to see none of townships receive a cost here and maybe we can go back to the State to fund some of it because this really was driven by the State to purchase new election equipment.


      Township Zoning – For the Townships that do have zoning, we have dissolved the County Planning Commission today, so this means any Township that has a Planning Commission it can be handled at the Township level. Townships will no longer need to come to the County. This will also make it a lot easier if Townships are applying for grants.


Equalization was also at the meeting and stated that the taxable values will increase by 1.3%. This will raise the revenue about $60,000 total. Assessed values also went up – which is good for property owners.


Tina should have contacted Redding Township regarding the issue (why are we (Twps) being charged a fee to maintain records?) Treasurer Gruber asked about last month. Supervisor Borgula stated that Tina did call her but it was more of a confirmation call confirming that an invoice was paid. Commissioner Majewski will follow-up with Tina and have her contact Treasurer Gruber.


Budget – they have had two workshops. The first one was just the Board going over everything. The next day they had a workshop with the Department Heads to discuss where they could and couldn’t make cuts. He felt it was a good meeting and very productive.


·         Approval of Meeting Minutes: 03/15/17 Meeting.

A motion to accept the minutes as written was made by Treasurer Gruber and Supported by Trustee McGlashen. All in favor. Motion carried.

·         Clerk Report:

Received a FOIA request from Michigan OpenBooks regarding employee’s pay/position/rate of pay/ frequency of pay for the 2016 Fiscal Year. Sent info as requested and received emailed confirming we had complied.


Clerk from Osceola contacted me regarding how many voters we had for the November 2014 election. They need the numbers to see how many signatures they would need for a Marion School Recall Special Election in August.


·         Treasurer Report:

Credit card service: Point and Pay new security measures. Treasurer Gruber needs to make sure she has the correct security measures on her computer; they are supposed to call her back tomorrow to make sure she is set up correctly. Still have a month and half to make sure everything is correct and her connection is secure.


Outstanding Check: Dated back in September for Tom’s payroll check that was never cashed. Treasurer Gruber called the bank and asked what the time limitation was on cashing a business check and they told her 6 months. A decision was made to reissue the check. After verifying whether or not Tom is able to find it, we will contact Quick Books to see best way to record this replacement check so it doesn’t cause a bookkeeping problem.


·         Supervisor Report:

Cemetery Flags: Purchased 72 flags for the cemetery that she will place over the weekend and 2-3×5 flags, which she will keep in the hall in case one of the flags is damaged.


Quick Report: Asked Clerk Galloway to provide a Quick Report at every monthly meeting so it can be checked along with the Treasurers Report to make sure that Treasurer Gruber and Clerk Galloway are balanced and it gives us an idea of what’s going on.


Blight: Re: Blight letters. I’m going to need extra Roll-Offs. If I’m going to be sending out these letters, I need to make sure we have enough Roll-Offs so they can comply. I’m going to ask the Board to increase the number of Roll-Offs to 3 per month for at least 3 months. I can see by the P&L report, Clerk Galloway provided, there is enough money in Sanitation to do this.

Trustee Scarbrough agreed that we need them. They fill up fast and the more we have the better. NO garbage is allowed in the Roll-Offs and residents are allowed 8 bags a week. After May 1st  , we are open twice a week. In May, we will probably need 3 or 4 Roll-Offs. If someone receives a Blight Letter and they can’t get it done within the 30 day requirement and Supervisor Borgula sees a big improvement, she will extend their time to finish and she will let the Board know. Motion to bring in additional Roll Off once one is filled as needed was made by Supervisor Borgula and Supported by Trustee McGlashen. All in favor.  Motion carried. Blight Letters will start going out May 1, 2017.


Road Commission: Trustee Scarbrough and Supervisor Borgula went to the Road Commission to discuss having some road brining done. There is about $5,000 – $6,000 that we could put toward it. We went to the meeting but we didn’t get very far; they were cordial and nice – but it was a “we were women – they were men” type of deal. They suggested we get our own brining company and, as far as adding gravel to Lily Lake Rd which is under water, they can’t do anything. Supervisor Borgula contacted Michigan Chloride and when they did the math it would cost the Township around $11,000 to have it done. Cook and Lily Lake Rds are the main roads that the County is supposed to be maintaining but they aren’t. They suggested we go for a Road Millage. Supervisor Borgula spoke with Brian at another company who said he uses brine rather than chloride, which would be less expensive. Supervisor Borgula will follow-up to get additional information/bid and bring back to next month’s meeting.


·         Sheriff’s Incidents: 39 calls – 4 fire reports


·         Unfinished Business:

Budget Update: We held our Budget Workshop for our 2017-2018 Fiscal Year on March 29, 2017. 


Letters for Hall Sign: Clerk Galloway will look into ordering them – they run around $80.00 per set. Motion to approve up to $100.00 for letters was made by Clerk Galloway and Supported by Trustee Scarbrough. All in favor. Motion carried.


·         New Business:

Tire Recycling: Workers have been chosen for Friday, June 30, 2017, 3:00 – 6:00p at Middle Branch Twp. They are: John Pruden, Ed Uber, and Brian Kinch (at $10 per hour). Motion to approve payment to these 3 workers was made by Treasurer Gruber and Supported by Supervisor Borgula. All in favor. Motion carried.

Vacations: Supervisor Borgula asked if we should make a motion to approve at least a week’s advance notice if anyone was going on vacation. Board chose not to make the motion; however, just as a courtesy that whoever is going on vacation for a week to 10 days, please give the Board notice.

Contact Numbers: All Board members have contact number for each other – they were given out a few months ago. Deputy’s contact numbers will be given as needed.

Computer Backup: Supervisor Borgula – just look into this issue

MVW Check: The check was returned because of a missing signature. The bank sent a copy which was to be used as you would the original check. It was signed and returned to MVW along with a check for $10.00 to cover bank fee.


·Public Comment:


·Approval of Bills:

Motion to approve the checks 3164– 3195 and Withholding of $546.80 equaling $6104.68. It was brought to Clerk’s attention that 2- $50 checks for Trustee participation in the Budget Workshop were not included. Clerk will print these 2 checks at end of meeting. This brings check total to $6204.68. Motion to approve $6204.68 was made by Treasurer Gruber and Supported by Trustee Scarbrough. All in favor. Motion carried.

·         Motion to adjourn: Made by Supervisor Borgula and Supported by Treasurer Gruber. All in favor. Motion carried.

·         Meeting Adjourned 8:39p




TGalloway – Clerk