4-20-2016 Meeting Minutes


                                                 REDDING TOWNSHIP




                                                        April 20, 2016


The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.


Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.                                             


Board Members Present: Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.


Guest:  Dale Majewski, Ray Borgula, Kimberly Davis, Lori Martin, Pat Irwin, Tammy & Mike Galloway, Edward Uber, Mary Beth Trzcienski.


Guest Speakers:


Dale Majewski – Clare County Commissioner, Grand Opening of the Veterans’ Freedom Park in Harrison is scheduled for May 25th at 1:00 pm. Consumers Energy will be replacing meters to a digital style.


Sheriff Incidents:


26 reported.


Motion to Approve March 16, 2016 Meeting Minutes.


A Motion was made to accept the minutes as printed by Treasurer Gruber /Trustee Scarbrough – Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:


Treasurer Gruber discussed having a separate phone line in her home for tax purposes,


 It would be around $25.00 a month.A Motion was made by Clerk Borgula /Trustee McGlashen to approve up to $40.00 a month- Motion Carried.


Supervisor Krchmar questioned the Treasurer regarding her hours of operation, Treasurer Gruber responded that her hours will be 9 am – 5 pm. Monday- Friday. The Supervisor suggested that she be open at least one day a week later for people who work. It frustrates the Supervisor when he can’t call a place of business after 5:00pm.


The Treasurer and Clerk disagreed and the Treasurer is keeping her hours Monday- Friday 9 am -5 pm.Treasurer Gruber discussed eliminating the contract with Clare County Equalization with the help of the Assessor. It would save approximately $1,500.00. Supervisor Krchmar questioned, if she would be able to print certain forms Equalization normally provides with the contract, the Treasurer will look into it.


Clerk’s Report:


The next Election will be the Marion School Millage on May 3rd.


Old Business:


Memorandum of Understanding:


Emergency Management hasn’t responded back to Supervisor Krchmar.


Budget Workshop Date:


The budget workshop was on March 30th.


A new budget for 2016/2017 was crated and will be presented at the May 18th meeting.


New Business:


 Insurance Quotes:

It was Supervisor Krchmar’s opinion the Board look into new insurance quotes, he will update the Board on the results next month. 


Additional Income for Elected officials:


It was Supervisor Krchmar’s opinion that the Clerk shouldn’t have been reimbursed $200.00 for working the last election.He felt its taking money away from the taxpayer’s of Michigan. It was Trustee Scarbrough opinion the Clerk should have been paid extra.The Supervisor elected to increase the Clerk’s salary an additional $1,200.00 year. Starting in July with the new budget.

Contract Language:


All the contracts were revised to fit Redding Township’s polices.



Hall Cleaning Contract:

The contract was awarded to Kristine Tank for $100.00 a month.

A motion was made by Treasurer Gruber/Trustee McGlashen.- Motion carried


Groundskeeper Contract:

The contract was awarded to Tony Zelinski for $1,275.00 for the season.                                  

A motion was made by Clerk Borgula/ Trustee McGlashen – Motion carried.


Washing the outside of the Township’s Hall

Clerk Borgula asked Ed Uber is he would be interested in washing down the hall

He will summit a quote next month.

Cleaning up the corner of the cemetery where fake flowers and leaves were dumped.

Ed Uber said he will see if he is able to remove the debris.


Transfer Station:

Supervisor Krchmar gave the Transfer Station Attendant a warning letter regarding his duties.The Transfer Station attendant asked for more dump cards, with further discussion it was the Supervisor’s opinion that the Attendant write down the names of the people that he gives new cards to.


Tire Collection:


Middle Branch Township Hall is having their annual tire collection.

You’ll be allowed 7 clean tires.Redding Township volunteers will work

June 17th. 3- 6 pm. The times and dates will be posted at the hall.


DNR Meeting:

An open DNR meeting is set for July 20th the time has not been set yet.


Hall Maintenance:


Clerk Borgula will make a list of duties that she performs at the hall on a regular bases.

Township Keys:


After a lengthy discussion, it was decided by the Board the Clerk will control the keys to the Hall. It was suggested by the Supervisor only Board Members should have a master key to the Hall.The Clerk pointed out someone other than a Board Member still has a key for Activities. It was the Supervisor’s opinion allowances can be made.


Hall Rental Policy:


The Board decided it was the Clerk’s duty to rent the hall and the Township Trustees can help.


Clerk & Treasurer’s reports:


The Clerk will send out a generic agenda by Wednesday before the meeting it will be the Boards responsibility to respond back by Thursday for more additions to the agenda.


Township Hall Parking Lot:

Supervisor Krchmar will try to get the County Road Commission to tar and chip the hall parking lot. He will keep the Board updated.




It was the opinionofSupervisor Krchmarthatthe Township’s Assessor is not doing her job correctly. Supervisor Krchmar stated he feels his property assessment is not correct, it’s his opinion he’s even being taxed on a well house.The Supervisor’s situation has left him wondering how other taxpayers are being assessed. The Supervisor discussed his situation to great lengths.Ray Borgula commented — it would seem to be more at the County’s level and not the Assessor’s.Julie is a marked improvement from the other Assessors that Township has had in the past.


Public Comment:


Ray Borgula stated in the past he felt it was hard to find a new Assessor.


Treasurer Gruber made it clear to let her know If Julie is not going to be the Assessor, she will not take over handling the property taxes, the Board will have to sign a contract with Clare County Equalization.


Approval of Bills:


A motion was made by Clerk Borgula/ Trustee McGlashen to approve check # 2849-2870 and payroll withholding of 565.82


Equaling $6550.29 -. Motion Carried


Motion to Adjourn was made by Clerk Borgula/ Trustee McGlashen at 9:55 pm. – Motion Carried.






Mary Borgula