5-17-2017 Board Meeting Minutes




May 17, 2017

8391 W. Temple Drive Harrison, MI 48625



The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance




Board Members Present: Supervisor Borgula, Clerk Galloway, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.




·         Guests: Mike Galloway, Dale Majewski, Ed Uber, Dave Gruber, Lori Martin, Lynn Brown, Bob Schaible, Donna Schaible




·         Public Comment:




·         Guest Speakers: Dale Majewski Clare County Commissioner:




Sherry Spelman from MSU Extension showed up to the meeting. County just passed a resolution for a 4H extension and really appreciated all the efforts that MSU Extension and 4H have done for Clare County.




At the last Board meeting we also asked Tracy to look at bidding out our Workers Comp. and our health care to see if we could get some better rates. We are actually changing our Workers Comp carrier to Manufacturing Tech Neutral. This will be a savings of about $40,000 a year without losing any of our current coverage.




Animal Control requested that they be allowed to carry side arms, as it can get a little dangerous out there, especially at night. The undersheriff was also in support of allowing Animal Control carry a side arm. We approved it, as long as they go through all the training that is required.




We also discussed the Budget process and we are going to do things a little different this year. We are going to set the rate for each department and this is what they will have as far as their budget.


The past couple years, we have passed the Budget higher than the actual Revenue we have taken in. We are looking at 11,000,660.00 budget for the County.




Question was asked how far in debt is the County? We have the bond of 1.5 million that we have to start paying on that was used for all the capital improvements, courthouse, etc. We have a couple of Sheriff’s cars that we are leasing. And also copiers we lease. We are probably closer to 2 million in debt.




Guest Speaker: Lori Martin – Clare County Clerk




She stated that she is going to try to attend Township meetings once a quarter.




We decided Dominion will be our election equipment. The County is going to incur around $16,000 and I believe this amount is already in this year’s budget, so there isn’t anything additional I should be asking from the townships – maybe a little bit but not a lot. The townships will have to pay $295 if they choose to have a wireless modem. The equipment should be in place for the November Election if you have one.




My first day as Clerk this year, I received an email stating that we have never been paid for the May


2016 election. Apparently the prior County Clerk was going to organize the bill and charge Gladwin ISD and Marion schools. But when I looked into this and made the call I was told that we missed the 84 day statute. Gladwin ISD did honor the bills and are reimbursing the townships within their district.


I have been going to the local High Schools and talking to the principals. I have been setting up a Voter Registration table during the lunch hours and registering seniors who are 17 ½ years old. I plan on doing this every spring and fall so I get all the seniors. Also we are going to use the new voting equipment during Homecoming/Prom season so the students will actually be able to vote for Homecoming/Prom king and queen, so when they do vote in an Election they will be familiar with the process.


When the question was asked, “who will cover the cost for this?” – Lori stated that with the new equipment we can print the ballots ourselves on regular copy paper and she could even ask the school to provide that.




If you are paying Fines and Restitution, you no longer will be able to write a personal check.




·         Approval of Meeting Minutes: 04/19/2017 Meeting.


·         Corrections to minutes – Computer backup – change just look into this issue – needs to be changed to get some prices and it was Trustee Scarbrough brought this up not Supervisor Borgula, change that as well.


·         Vacations – Trustee Scarbrough brought that up not Supervisor Borgula,  change in minutes.


A motion to accept the minutes after corrections was made by Clerk Galloway and Supported by Trustee McGlashen. All in favor. Motion carried.


·         Clerk Report:


Activities Report – current balance is $167.71. I will be scheduling a meeting soon. We need to schedule events as well as start requesting donations. Will post meeting date once it is scheduled.




Sign Letters – The new letters for the sign have been received. Just waiting for the invoice to pay – was approved last month up to $100.00. Total cost is $84.00 and will pay invoice once I receive it.




·         Treasurer Report:


Equalization Contract – I have been on the phone with Tina a few times, as well as in contact with Julie. What Tina gave me by phone is different from what I see on Contract from her. At this point I feel we should go with the full contract at $1.00 per parcel, which comes out to $895.00 due in sixty days. Supervisor Borgula noticed that the contract still shows Pam Mayfield as County Clerk. Lori Martin said she will have that corrected and new contract sent to Supervisor Borgula.




Treasurer’s Computer – Got with Supervisor and I thought it was a good idea to get a Township computer and get it off my personal computer. I purchased a laptop and software, currently working with BS&A to get everything set up and transferred from personal computer to new township computer. Also my brother has been working on software downloads and updates..I will be purchasing an external hard drive for backups.




Motion to approve Full Contract of $895.00 once correction of County Clerks name is made by: Trustee McGlashen  Supported by: Supervivsor Borgula All in favor  Motion carried.




·         Supervisor Report:


      Community Service Workers – Clerk Galloway forwarded me an email from Judge Farrel’s office offering community service workers if we need any. If everyone is alright with that, I will see if we can get some people and workers tod clean up around the river banks. I will give them lunch and I can even pick them up if needed.




Transfer Station Issue – We had an issue at the Transfer Station. I sent the owner a letter re: issue. He contacted me said he was going to contact an attorney. Supervisor Borgula said she would also contact our attorney. He then calmed down and they were able to talk and work it out. They are now being respectful towards the Transfer Station Attendant.




Trustee Scarbrough – Stated the Roll Offs are in and it has been going good. She isn’t opening the back end of the Roll Offs due to liability issues.


Also someone did back up into one of the canisters – didn’t hurt the canister but did do a little damage to car.




Township Roads Report – Lily Lake Road has been fixed. They put in 3 or 4 culverts. Linda Road has been repaired and subdivision graded.


Brian Graves came by and said he would charge $400-500.00 to brine the subdivision.




Tire Recycling – I have a problem with Brian Kinch – he will not be able to do the tire recycling so I need to get one more person to work it. Also need to make sure they get paid right after they work their shift.




Hall Pictures – Got the pictures up and I want to thank Trustee Scarbrough for her donation. Still have more to frame and put up.




Street lights – We had 7 street lights out. I called Consumers Energy and they replaced bulbs and one ballast was bad. They are all working now.




Blight Report – Have been receiving complaints and letters are going out. Some people that have received their letters are calling for extensions. The word is out and some people are cleaning up. If Supervisor Borgula sees that they are cleaning she won’t send a letter – but if she sees that they are no longer making any improvements she will send them a letter.


She started with the town which is about 20 people and is trying to do one section at a time.


Might have to have our attorney draft a letter, also asking County if we can lien some properties.




Treasurer Gruber – stated that in the area she was from, the City would send a letter giving them so long to comply. If they didn’t comply within the time frame – the City would clean up the mess and place the charges on their property taxes. Supervisor Borgula stated that she thinks they have that right in their city ordinances that they can do that but not sure about our Township. She will look into it to see if we could possibly do something like that. We can change our Blight Ordinance and once it is voted on we have to post it in the paper – but that is doable. I’m not backing down on this and we do have the funds to fight this. It’s got to be cleaned up! We might schedule a workshop to amend our Ordinance.




Cemetery Flags – Carolyn Pruden and I put the flags on. I would like to thank her for helping.


Worried about a couple of trees but will wait and see.




·         Public Comment: Mike Galloway asked if the garage in the Cemetery was locked. Supervisor Borgula stated that it is kept locked. Mike then asked if some of the hall chairs and tables could be stored in the garage and if they are needed for an event he would bring them back to the hall and return them once the event is over. Supervisor Borgula said that she doesn’t see why not. Mike stated he would make sure they were covered.




·         Approval of Bills:


Motion to approve checks 3197– 3221 and Withholding of $433.00 equaling $6,526.23.


Motion to approve $6,526.23 was made by Supervisor Borgula and Supported by Trustee Scarbrough. All in favor. Motion carried.


·         Motion to adjourn: Made by Supervisor Borgula and Supported by Trustee Scarbrough. All in favor. Motion carried.


·         Meeting Adjourned 8:30p






TGalloway – Clerk