05/21/2014 Meeting Minutes






                                            MAY 21, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Guest: Dale Majewski, Linn Pruden, Carolyn Pruden, Dave Gruber, Eula Scott, Sargent Steve Humphrey


Board Members Present: Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee Mann and Trustee Ashbaugh


 Amendments to the Agenda: Forest program, Township Board renting the Hall


 Dale Majewski County Commissioner spoke on the following topics:


Clare County Commissioners will be working the budget in the next couple of months, Dale feels it will come in around two million dollars. MMR is offering a free CPR training to the general public on Saturday June 14, 2014 at 11:00 am at the Lake of the Pines clubhouse. It will be a 1 hour non-certified class. The Veteran’s Freedom Park 5 K run raised $12,000.00.


 Lake George NWH Expo Car show is June 21, 2014, there will be all different exhibits and children’s smoke house from Lincoln Township’s fire Department, Dale explained they show children how to get out of a house out safely when there’s a fire. Also there will be a Model Air Plane exhibit, along with the State police and Clare CO. Sheriff’s Department.


The Jail is doing well it’s usually full because of nearby counties needing housing for inmates it generates more revenue into the general fund.




Sargent Steve Humphrey Sheriff’s Department spoke on the following topics:


 Freeman, Sheridan and Redding Township have had the lowest crime rates in the county.


They’ve been watching M-61 for speeders. More breaking and entering reports coming in as it gets warmer.   




March Minutes A motion to accept 4-16-2014 and 5-13-2014 special meeting minutes made by Trustee Mann supported by Clerk Borgula all Board members in favor- Motion carried.




Treasurer’s Report was reviewed and accepted as read. Supervisor Krchmar asked Treasurer Gruber if she could put a notice in about the tire recycling on July 25th and 26th in her tax letter.






Sheriff’s report 62 incidences were reported mostly traffic stops and general patrol.




The EPA has introduced a Bill to eliminate wood burning stoves Supervisor Krchmar has urged everyone to start writing letters to our congressman opposing the Bill. Dave Gruber added the EPA has also introduced a Bill to tax farmers on methane gasses produced by cows




Forest Project: Treasurer Gruber reported one person applied for the Qualified Forestry Program, she had found some hidden charges Clare -Gladwin Forestry can add up to 2 mill assessment on the property owner who takes advantage of the program. For more information contact 989 539-6401 Clerk Borgula will post the flyer at the hall.




Committee Report (Sandra Mann)


Easter Sunday breakfast was a hit they had a lot of people attend


May 24, doors open at 4:30pm.Starting in June the schedule will be every third Saturday of the month.




Old Business: 


Township Hall floor waxing: Clerk Borgula reported she did get some prices Tom Corwin is willing to wax the hall


The average price for supplies was $300.00 to $350.00


A motion was made by Trustee Ashbaugh and supported by Treasurer Gruber to spend up to 400.00 for floor supplies. All board members in Favor- Motion carried.




Cemetery Flags: The flags were purchased, Carolyn and Linn Pruden along with Clerk Borgula placed new


Flags on our Veterans graves. Linn Pruden reported the Cemetery large flag needs to be replaced. The Board thanked Carolyn and Linn for volunteering.     




Clerk’s Computer:  


A new computer was purchased  Clerk Borgula was able to get the warranty extended and had the old computer repaired given the issue the old computer had it was thought Office Max would send a gift card. They were able to replace the parts and send it back. A motion was by Treasurer Gruber and supported by Trustee Ashbaugh to allow the Deputy Clerk Jim McBurney to use the old computer for elections. All Board members in Favor- Motion carried. Supervisor Krchmar asked for more information on why the computer that was given to the township four years ago is not adequate. Clerk Borgula will check into it.




Roadside cleanup –Canceled because of weather conditions.




Parking lot and Cemetery signs:


The installation on the parking lot tonnage limit and Cemetery sign has been completed. 


Supervisor Krchmar and Linn Pruden helped put everything up Supervisor Krchmar thanked Linn for helping.




Basketball hoop-Supervisor Krchmar moved the basketball hoop because of Transfer Satiation traffic.






The Board discussed the lack of addresses on the old part of town. No one can locate the address or lot number on the blight trailer. Commissioner Dale Majewski informed the Board he knows of a program for townships to help recoup money from insurance companies after a fire for clean up when the owner abandons the dwelling. Supervisor Krchmar said most of the places had no insurance Dale will pass along the link to Supervisor Krchmar.




Clare County Equalization Contract Assessor/Treasurer:


Motion was made by Treasurer Gruber and supported by Trustee Mann to approve the contact All Board members in Favor- Motion carried.




New Business:


The 2014-2015 Budget was presented, it increased five hundred dollars from the current budget $105,300.00 to $105,800 with no contingency. The Board will adopt the Budget at the June 18, 2014 meeting.




Rubbish removal Contract:


Supervisor Krchmar is still waiting on more information from Waste Management he will update the Board in June’s meeting


 Purchase Foreclosed Property:


Motion was made by Clerk Borgula Supported by Trustee Ashbaugh not to purchase any land for public use.


All Board members in favor- Motion carried.


 Cemetery Ordinance Amendment:


The price from $ 350.00 to $400.00 and $50.00 for Cemetery improvements equaling $450.00 for opening and closing graves. A motion was made by Trustee Mann Supported by Trustee Ashbaugh All Board members in favor- Motion carried.


Clerk Borgula informed the Board the Ordinance needs to be updated Supervisor Krchmar informed the Clerk the Cemetery Committee makes the changes and a meeting date needs to be set. Supervisor Krchmar stated Trustee Mann himself the Clerk and one other person is on the committee he asked Carolyn Pruden if she would like to sit on the committee she accepted. The meeting is set for June 3, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Township Hall.   




Cemetery Head Stone:


 A family contacted Supervisor Krchmar on a headstone that was damaged. After doing some research the head stone was damaged by a falling tree in 2011 Supervisor Krchmar will contact the family.


 Deputy Clerk’s mileage:


Deputy Jim McBurney needs to travel to Lansing for an election class a motion was made by Treasurer Gruber and supported by Trustee Mann to allow $79.10 in mileage. All Board members in favor -Motion carried.




Michigan Election Resources (MER) will be sending out the new voter cards all the townships will be going in on the cost to save on bulk postage and printing except for Winterfield Township. Redding’s cost will be around $96.00.




Township Board Hall Rental:


It was brought up to Supervisor Krchmar to allow Board members to use the hall for free once a year in exchange for not having a raise since 2004. Supervisor Krchmar asked the guests if they were opposed to it, no one objected. A motion was made by Clerk Borgula and Supported by Trustee Ashbaugh. All Board members in favor- Motion carried.




Public Comment:


Eula Scott asked why there is not a visible address on the hall, she has rented the hall and didn’t know the address to give her guest. It was discussed where to put the address. Commissioner Dale Mejewski said he will donate a visible green sign


Supervisor Krchmar said the new post with the parking lot sign would be a good place for it. The Board thanked Dale for his donation. 




 Approval of Bills:


Check# 2368- 2387 and payroll withholding equaling $7452.12


Check # 2386 was voided it was left in the printer.


Motion was made Trustee Ashbaugh Supported by Clerk Borgula All Board members in favor -Motion carried.




With no further business


A Motion to Adjourn made by Clerk Borgula Supported by Trustee Ashbaugh all board members in Favor- Motion carried at 9:08 pm




Minutes by M. Borgula