7-15-15 meeting Minutes x1


                        REDDING TOWNSHIP




                            JULY 15, 2015




The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.


 Followed by the pledge of Allegiance.


 Board members present: Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Borgula,Trustee Mann and Trustee MCGlashen.


 Guest: Linn Pruden, Carolyn Pruden, David Gruber, Ken Lind, Tom Pirnstall, Deputy Sharp and Sargent Stotzel.


 Guest Speakers:


Dale Majewski Clare County Commissioner, starting in August the Board of Commissioners will meet once a month on the third Wednesday.The household Hazardous Waste Collection will be Wednesday September 16th.


From 10am-2-pm at Northern Oaks Recycling center in Harrison.

Ken Lind  Lind & Lind Insurance, some small changes on the insurance premium. The new premium will have a $1000.00 payout to Board members if they get in an accident with their vehicles when using them for township business.


The premium will increase this year about $150.00.


Tom Pirnstall Clare County Transit, presented the board with an overview on the operation of the transit.The buses run Mon – Friday 6am – 10 pm, Saturday 10 am – 6 pm. Buses run from between Harrison and Gladwin for the people working at local food establishments until 11 pm. The Transit is seeking a bond renewal on August 4th.


Tom told the Board the Clare County Transit will be reimbursing the townships for the August 4th. Election.


Deputy Sharp and Sargent Stotzel Clare County Sheriff, Deputy Sharp is in training and he will be patrolling in our area while in training. Deputy Sharp is also the weekend off road officer for Clare County.


Motion to approve June 15, 2015 meeting minutes.

A motion to accept the minutes was made by Treasurer Gruber/Trustee McGlashen


Motion carried.


Treasurers report: Treasurer’s report was reviewed. Treasurer Gruber said she printed the property taxes, she had some problems but wasn’t too bad for the first time. She reported she didn’t receive her CD for the taxes from Clare County Equalization until five days before the taxes were due to be sent out. Supervisor Krchmar asked why she didn’t get it sooner. Treasurer Gruber said Kim Halis told her that is what Tom Krchmar agreed upon, Supervisor Krchmar said no it was for the printing of the taxes too not just the CD. Dale Majewski again apologized for Kim Halis’s behavior and didn’t know what to say about her job performance. Treasurer Gruber said she is planning to phase out Clare County Equalization completely next year.


Clerk’s report– Clerk Borgula said everything is going well with elections except she found out the phone line was down when she went to do her preliminary test. She had the phone line repaired and was able to modem out the test to the Clare County Clerks office the next day. Clerk Borgula asked for anyone willing to volunteer a dish for the election Sandy Mann and Marlene McGlashen volunteered a dish.


Old Business:    


The Tire recycling volunteers for Redding will be at the Middle Branch Township hall on Thursday July 23rd.  8am-12 pm.Property owners can drop off until 6 pm. July 24th.  8am – 6pm and July 25th. From 8 am-6 pm.


Linn Pruden said they have collected from all the townships over 4987 tires so far.

New Business:


New Hall sign- Clerk Borgula provided information on a new sign there was one particular sign the board liked.


Clerk Borgula will get more information on the company and the sign and bring it back next month.

DNR meeting will be July 23rd at the Redding Township hall from 1 -3 pm. Supervisor Krchmar asked the Board if they agreed with him to not allow Phil Duggan to exchange the property by the bridge for another property. The Board agreed to have Supervisor Krchmar speak on their behalf at the meeting.

Public comment


Linn Pruden thanked John Pruden and John Urber for helping with Adopt a Highway.


Approval of Bills:


Check # 2661- 2677 equaling $6,711.57


A motion was made by Clerk Borgula /Treasurer Gruber.


Motion carried.


Motion to adjourn:


Made by Clerk Borgula / Trustee McGlashen at 8:28 pm.


Motion carried.


M. Borgula