7-20-2016 meeting minuters



                                  REDDING TOWNSHIP

                                   MEETING MINUTES                                                                     July 20, 2016                    



The Meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm.


Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


  • Board Members Present:Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.


  • Guest:Ken Lind, Robert Pearson, Rich Goithe, Tom Pirnstill, Dale Majewski, Pat Gauthier, Mike & Tammy Galloway, Edward Uber, Mike Trzcienski, Mary Beth Trzcienski, Cara & Robert Uber, Chelsey Vaughn,

           Larry Clever and Pam Mayfield.


  • Guest Speakers: Dale MajewskiClare County Commissioner


    • They have 3 Budget meetings scheduled for next week, which should prove to be very challenging with possible cuts. There is a hiring freeze in all departments.  
    • Stated that there will be a 14% increase in insurance costs.


  • Guest Speaker:  Tom Pirnstill – Clare County Transit
    • Transit covers 570 square miles and services 140.000 people.
    • The millage will be on the ballot to cover 2016 only. On the last election it was misworded.

The millage renewal will not come up again until 2022.

    • They have implemented several new programs: “Golden Club” 80 years old and older ride free – should be set up in Harrison next week. Vets ride for a $1.00.
  • Guest Speaker:  Pamela Mayfield – Clare County Clerk


    • Spoke about the renovations at the Court House.
    • She is running for Re-Election and would appreciate our votes.



  • Approval of Meeting Minutes: 06/15/2016 Meeting Minutes & Special Meeting 7/18/2016


    • A motion was made to accept the minutes as printed with the change to the Special Meeting Minutes to read, If the Roll Off is 3/4 full before a Holiday weekend a second one will be brought in. Motion made by Trustee Scarbrough/Treasurer Gruber-motion carried.


  • Treasurer’s Report:


    • Summer tax collection was $8,000 at this time last year / $20,000 has been collected so far.
    • She will work with Deputy Galloway to schedule what day she will be working from the Township Hall.


  • Clerk’s Update:


    • Clerk Borgula, brought it up that Deputy Clerk Galloway would like the mail for the Clerk to come to the Hall and not her home address. She had spoken to the Post Master and they would not drive into the driveway to deliver the mail or pull into the driveway, the mailbox would have to be placed across the street from the hall. There was also discussion of the mailbox being a locked mail box or not.

Supervisor Krchmar, asked Deputy Clerk Galloway when she becomes Clerk if she would prefer the mail going to the hall vs. her home. Galloway stated she had two mailboxes and the mail could be sent the box that belongs to her second property.

    • Clerk Borgula stated that she worked in the office at the hall for a couple hours after sitting in the office chair her back was hurting, earlier in the week Deputy Galloway had asked if the chair had a back adjustment because the chair leans forward. The Board agreed to have Deputy Clerk Galloway to get a price on a new chair and bring it back next month.
    • Clerk Borgula is holding an Election Training class Tuesday at the Hall 10:00a.m.




·         Sheriff’s Incidents: 51




·         Old Business:


o    Insurance / Larry Clever said he had emailed Supervisor Krchmar and Clerk Borgula a copy of his proposal which neither one of them received. He did have hard copies with him and asked if he could present them to the Board. Several Board Members stated they would prefer to have a chance to read it over prior to his proposal.

o    A motion was made to pay EMC Insurance, and if after they had a chance to read the other proposal and if at that time they felt Larry’s proposal was better they could cancel EMC.

o    Resolution Clerks Salary – Salary would go from $650.00 to $700.00 a month starting

November 2016. A was Motion made by Clerk Borgula / Trustee McGlashen a roll vote was called by Clerk Borgula

·         Supervisor Krchmar – yes

·         Clerk Borgula – yes

·         Treasurer Gruber – yes

·         Trustee McGlashen – yes

·         Trustee Scarbrough – yes

      Resolution #1214 adopted July 20, 2016


o    Cemetery yard waste Disposal – last month the Board approved $250.00 / the bid that had come in was from Professional Grade LLC in the amount of $300.00. Supervisor Krchmar asked to have the additional $50.00 approved. A motion made by Treasurer Gruber/ Trustee McGlashen – Motion carried. 


·         New Business:


o    Deputy Clerk Key: Clerk Borgula let the board know she gave a key to the hall to Deputy Clerk Galloway.

o    Clerk Borgula and Deputy Clerk Galloway cleaned and organized the pantry and closet and noticed several of the Christmas gifts missing. Clerk Borgula suggested that the closet should be re-keyed.

o    Activities:  Tammy Galloway, spoke with Sandy Mann and she going to be turning the book and cash box over to her – she will no longer be in charge of the committee. Tammy and Mary Borgula will be working together on the Activities and have already booked the Christmas Party with Santa for December 3rd. From 1-4 p.m. Also planning a possible Halloween party or Trunk and Treat as well as a Harvest Fest. It was Supervisor Krchmar’s opinion that no township monies can be used by the committee so they would have to do their own fundraising. Supervisor Krchmar will call Sandy Mann and ask for her key back.

o    DNR Meeting on July 20th: Supervisor Krchmar stated that the meeting was regarding to Harvesting Timber and the locations.

o    Sanitation / Dump Cards: Supervisor Krchmar  stated that someone complained that they had been at the Transfer Station with their garbage and to see if the Roll Off was full, they were told they could only come once a day. It was clarified that if you come and dump your trash and you can come back to use the Roll Off on the same day.

o    Transfer Station green cards expire July 31st the new orange cards will only be accepted. If you haven’t received a new card contact one of the Board Members.

o    Robert will keep track of the Transfer Station roll-offs by handing out a card with a date written on it.

o    Robert stated that there is damage to the Transfer Station office door – it looks like a animal is trying to get in. Supervisor Krchmar said he would look at the door after the meeting with Robert.

o    Pat Gauthier was upset regarding having to show your license and her dump card to use the Transfer Station – and said she will not show her license. Supervisor Krchmar clarified that you only have to show your license if you at using the Roll Off.


o    Assessing Audit: The township had receives a letter from the State of Michigan that they would be audited; they will be looking at the records, assessments cards. Supervisor Krchmar said all the Townships in Clare County are having it done.












·         Public Comment:


o    Mary Beth Trzcienski asked why the minutes haven’t been on the web-site since April. Treasurer Gruber explained when uploading the minutes or any document it scrabbles all the formatting and it takes hours to correct so they are doing the best they can. We get what we pay for at $70.00 a year.To pay someone to rebuild the website would be costly.


o    Pat Gauthier asked why we are paying for internet at the hall when we pay for Clerk Borgula’s internet at her home. Clerk Borgula, stated that she is not getting her internet paid for/Pat stated that her raise was to cover the cost of the internet at her home – Trustee Scarbrough said it was her daughter Autumn who was paid for her internet when she was a clerk several years ago.



·         Approval of Bills:

          o    A motion was made by Treasurer Gruber / Clerk Borgula to approve Check #2919 – 2948 and payroll with holding of $455.64 equaling $13.089.87-Motion carried.


·         Motion to adjourn:


o    A motion was made by Clerk Borgula/ Treasurer Gruber to adjourn at 8:21 pm

     Motion carried



M.Borgula / T.Galloway