REDDING TOWNSHIP




                           August 19, 2015




The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.


Followed by the pledge of Allegiance.


Board members present: Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Borgula,Trustee Mann and Trustee MCGlashen.


Guest: Linn Pruden, Carolyn Pruden, Dale Majewski, Ray Borgula, Bob Schiable, Donna Schiable, Lynn Brown and Deputy Sharp.


Guest Speakers:


Dale MajewskiClare County Commissioner,


A new Veterans living facility has opened in Clare- the old Days Inn was converted into a living facility. The Clare County Board of Commissioner’s has set the amount for the new budget $11,267,000.00. Some cuts will be needed.


Reminder: The Household Hazardous Waste Collection will be Wednesday September 16th from 10am-2pm at Northern Oaks Recycling center in Harrison.


Clare County Sheriff,


Deputy Sharp stopped into see how things were going in the township.



Motion to approve June 15, 2015 meeting minutes.


A motion to accept the minutes was made by Trustee McGlashen /Treasurer Gruber


Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:


The Treasurer’s report was reviewed. Treasurer Gruber and Clerk Borgula just returned back from the Clare County Treasurer’s annual meeting. One of the topics was Equalization. The date when form L-4029 that adjusts the millage are due. Treasurer Beemer said the date that is in place now stems from when there was only one property tax collected a year.


Treasurer Beemer is planning on having a meeting in October with Clare County Township Clerk’s and Treasurer’s to discuss what changes need to be made. Treasurer Gruber said “summer tax collections are a little slower this year than from last year.

Clerk’s Report :

Clerk Borgula commented on the Aug 4th. Election “It was a long day only having 33 voters. Redding will possibly be having a May election for Marion Schools if that happens we will be having four elections in 2016. Clerk Borgula said she will be not at the September meeting she will have her deputy at the meeting.


Sheriff’s Incidents:


 53 incidents including two electrical wires down from a storm.


Tire Recycling:


There was over 10,000.00 tires brought in during July’s collection at the Middle Branch Hall. Peggy Hoard will be attending September’s meeting to talk about the tire collection and next year’s collection dates.


Township Hall Sign:


Clerk Borgula had checked on the township hall sign that everyone liked, after more research she found that it had poor reviews. She was unable to find anything close to $565.00.


Ray Borgula said he did some pricing and he could make the sign. Clerk Borgula presented the Board with a price list of materials equaling $531.00 to make a 4×8 marquee sign with 300 letters and numbers included. After further discussion it was decided to have Ray make the new sign. A motion was made by Trustee Mann/Treasurer Gruber. Motion carried.


DNR Meeting:

 A DNR meeting was on July 23rd. to discuss future timber cutting and land exchange


With Dugan’s livery. People were there to voice their concerns about Duggan’s land exchange.


Supervisor Krchmar and the DNR discussed who actually owns the land. No future meeting has been set.


AT&T Contract:


Clerk Borgula received a letter from AT&T asking to call to renew the telephone contract.


She was told the new contract will be increasing to $55.00 a month. Borgula was able to have the phone bill reduced to $35.00 a month without a contact.


F-65 Form:


Clerk Borgula received a bid for $400.00 from Baird, Cotter and Bishop P.C. to file the F-65 form to the State of Michigan. Borgula felt she could file the form after looking at it.

Township Hall Tables and Chairs:


 It was discussed to keep all tables and chairs in the halland not to rent them out. A motion was made by Treasurer Gruber/Trustee Mann.Motion carried.


Hall Cleaning supplies:


 Clerk Borgula said the hall needs more cleaning supplies,


Borgula said “we still have a credit with Mill’s Janitorial supply of $26.00 to purchase toweling for the bathrooms but they are charging too much after the credit for a case toilet bowl cleaner. Supervisor Krchmar said to purchase what is needed for the hall.


L-4029 Form:


 Supervisor Krchmar explained the L-4029 form is to adjust the township’s 2015 fire and operating millage. A motion was made by Clerk Borgula/Trustee McGlashen to have 1 mil on the fire .74 on township operating.  




Public Comment 


Supervisor Krchmar asked the board how they felt about getting an outlet for a generator. Clerk Borgula said she was looking into a grant for a standalone generator. Supervisor Krchmar didn’t feel we needed one—“this was the only time the power has gone out while elections were going on. Clerk Borgula had brought her travel trailer over and a small generator the night before to power the voting equipment but the power came back on in time. Supervisor Krchmar said “next time Emergency Management can bring out a generator or I will bring mine over but we need an outlet to plug one in. The Board approved to have Supervisor Krchmar look into the price of having an outlet installed.


Supervisor Krchmar presented Trustee Mann with a plaque thanking her for 17 years of service, Trustee Mann will be moving within the next two months, she will be sadly missed by everyone.


Approval of Bills:


Checks 2681-2704 with payroll equaling $12,935.45


 A motion was made by Treasurer Gruber /Trustee McGlashen- Motion carried.

Motion to Adjourn– Trustee McGlashen/Clerk Borgula at 8:15pm


Written by M. Borgula