08/21/13 Meeting Minutes

Redding Township Meeting Unapproved Minutes

August 21, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Guests: Dale Majewski, Linn and Carolyn Pruden, Dave Gruber, Miles Teller, Ed Garver, Joel Johnson   

Board Members Present:  Treasurer Gruber, Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk McBurney, Trustee Mann, Trustee Ashbaugh

Ed Garver – Clare County Road Commission spoke on the following topics:

* Highway Old 27 had some problems in resurfacing from Mannsiding to Harrison, because of the hilly terrain and amount of dirt that had to be moved. This caused a slight delay in the project overall.

* Smaller tractors are being used to cut grass at road intersections. This enables the road commission to shut down three trucks that were used for cutting grass.

* A piece of equipment called a ‘black top crack sealer’ is used to patch the black top on highways if the road is still in good shape. A new piece of equipment was purchased and hasn’t been delivered yet.

* New ‘rollers’ were purchased for the trucks that do the road grading. This enables the grader to pack and smooth the road gravel after blade grading is done.

* A new roof was installed on the garage.

* In 1971, the road commission had about sixty employees. Today it is eighteen employees not counting temporaries. Two employees will be retiring in the next few months, and these positions will be filled.

Dale Majewski  County Commissioner District #1 spoke on the following topics:

* The two millage proposals passed with both proposals getting over seventy percent of the votes.                                                                                                                           

* Pere Marquette District Library is offering computer classes for the month of August.

* The Board of Commissioners is working on the County Budget. They have had two meetings with the County Administrator and have been reviewing recommendations by the administrator on how to balance the budget. At this time all departments and requests for Budget Year 2014 are being reviewed.

* Four percent increase in revenue sharing for each Township – 107 new State Troopers; one million dollars to MSU Extension.

*  No fire burning without acquiring a fire permit.


Joel Johnson – Michigan House Representative –  spoke on the following topics:

* Revenue sharing is increasing for local governments.                                                                                                                                                                         

* Michigan Service Veterans will be noted as such on their driver’s license. No need to carry a DD214 to prove individual as a Veteran.

* Prisoners that get paroled and have to wear a tether, will have to pay for the tether.    

* High schools should offer a career technical training curriculum. Every student shouldn’t have to attend college to have a successful career.

* ATV/ORV trails should be accessible they don’t have to ride on roads. The bridge in the old state park could use a repair so that ORV’s could use this to cross the Manistee River. Joel will look into this for all ORV trail access.

* Hunting and fishing license fees increase to thirty dollars starting in 2014. The DNR will be able to hire more field personnel and accomplish more projects beneficial to everyone.

* Dirt roads are a problem across the state. It’s very difficult for the State of Michigan to do anything financially. Many communities would like road improvements (such as Cook Road), but not at this time.

* State forest that has been logged off  can cause the ORV trails to be blocked with leftover tree limbs and debris. Joel will take this under consideration.

* The road and bridge initiative takes six percent sales tax from the purchase of gasoline and diverts it from school funding. Also, the sales tax would increase to seven percent. The extra sales tax revenue would be used for education. The six percent would be used to fix roads and bridges across the State. It isn’t probable that this would be voted on this November by the people.


Motion to accept 07-17-2013 minutes made by Trustee Mann and supported by Trustee Ashbaugh. A typographical error was noted and fixed. Board members in favor: Trustee Mann,  Treasurer Gruber, Clerk McBurney and Trustee Ashbaugh. Motion carried.

Sheriff’s Department

No one attended the meeting.

Treasurer’s report was reviewed.






* Fire department incident report was reviewed.

* Sheriff Incident Report was reviewed.     

* Homeland Security – Jerry Becker – He sent us a letter requesting if the Township Hall could be used for temporary shelter in case of disasters. The Hall has everything an emergency shelter would need. The Red Cross would be involved and supply cots and other supplies. The Township is willing but needs more definition and information before a decision can be made.

* Waste Management did some research on plastic bottles being recycled at Isabella Recycling Center. They take plastic bottles with the neck rings on them. They don’t throw them in the landfill.

Activities –          Pot Luck dinners are successful.

         Old Business:

* Election results were given for the County and for Redding Township from the election held August 6, 2013.

* Cemetery – Sign poles haven’t been fixed yet. A fix should be in place by the end of this month.

* Resolution for Timbering Land was placed on the back  burner for now. The Resolution for Work Permits is on hold, because after conferring with an attorney, a court case on this same issue is in progress in Michigan. The board will wait and see the results of that case before any more action is taken


            New Business

1.) The hall rental notice was changed to inform that resident non-profit groups can use the hall with no rental fees. Motion by Trustee Mann and second by Trustee Ashbaugh, Board members in favor: Trustee Mann, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee Ashbaugh and Clerk McBurney. Motion carried.

2.)  The Budget for fiscal year 2013 – 2014 was put into QuickBooks so financial tracking of expenses can be compared to the budgeted amounts at anytime.

3.) Election in November – 2013   As of now it is not probable.

4.) New/Recertified election inspectors from Redding Township are needed in 2014. Notices will be put out for volunteers.

5.) F65 – State of Michigan Revenue Sharing form has to be completed and filed with the State by September 30, 2013.


Motion to approve bills 2192 – 2218, 9998  in the amount of $11,494.70. Checks voided due to print errors 2204 – 2209, 2217. Motion  made by Treasurer Gruber and second by Trustee Mann.  Board members in favor:  Trustee Mann, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee Ashbaugh and Clerk McBurney. Motion carried.


Motion to adjourn made by Trustee Mann and supported by Treasurer Gruber at 8:25pm.








Jim McBurney