01/21/15 – Meeting Minutes

Unapproved Redding Township Board Meeting

January 21, 2015


The meeting came to order at 7:00 P.M. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board Members Present: Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber and TrusteeMcGlashen.

Absent– Trustee Mann

Guests: Carolyn Pruden, Linn Pruden, Dale Majewski, Joel Johnson and Mark Hammar.


Guest Speakers:


Dale Majewski – Clare County Commissioner:

A $1000.00 donation was made for Spay and Neuter program. The Clerk’s office has added a new Temporary employee. Reminder about deliverable fuel program for heating for those who are experiencing difficulty in paying their fuel bills to contact Mid-Michigan Community Action Agency.


Joel Johnson – Michigan 97th District Representative:

The State of Michigan plans to put in front of the voters an increase in sales tax May 5, 2015.

Representative Johnson said the State of Michigan will be paying for the election it was asked if that includes

Paying the election inspectors—he said he’ll look into it. The 1 % tax increase will help fund the interstate highway repair.

Registration tabs for heavy trucks will increase to 3000.00 a year. Personal vehicles will no longer deprecate every year like they have in prior years for annual registration tabs.  

Joel reported he chairs the following committees Workforce, Agriculture, Commerce, Trade and Judiciary. 


Mark Hammar – Winterfield Supervisor:

Winterfield has a new internet tower. Redding Township residents should be able to get internet service.

The prices start at $32.95 to $89.95 a month call 877 466-6104 for more information.



Clare County Sheriff‘s report had 30 incidents in Redding Township.



Approval of Meeting Minutes:

A motion was made by Treasurer Gruber and Supported by Trustee McGlashen to approve the

December 17, 2014 meeting minutes.

Board Members in Favor- Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber, and Trustee McGlashen.

Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurer’s report was reviewed. Treasurer Gruber reported she had talked with Kim Halis from Clare County Equalization regarding the printing errors on the tax bills–she said not much has been resolved. Commissioner Majewski said Ms. Halis was planning on attending the meeting- she didn’t attend.

Commissioner Majewski said the printing errors will not happen again.

Ms. Halis told Treasurer Gruber she needs to inspect the fire millage rate and rubbish special before the taxes go to print. Supervisor Krchmar and Clerk Borgula didn’t feel this is Treasurer Gruber’s responsibility That it’s Kim Halis’s job to make sure the millage rates are correct.

Supervisor Krchmar suggested to Commissioner Majewski that a tax bill draft should be available by October 31st. for Treasurer Gruber to inspect.   

The Swampland tax is going from $3.00 to $4.00 an acre in December 2015. Redding Township has

8589.67 acres.


Clerk’s Report:

Election May 5, 2015 there could be a budget shortage in elections because of May’s election.

Treasurer Gruber said the budget could be amended. Clerk Borgula said she could work the election.

Clerk Borgula announced Deb Hammar is now her new Deputy Clerk and she will need to train her.

A motion was made by Treasurer Gruber and Supported by Trustee McGlashen to allow 10 hours of training at $10.00 an hour.

Board members in favor- Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber and Trustee McGlashen.

Motion carried.


Farm animals in residential areas

Complaints have been made to the clerk regarding farm animals in Temple. Clerk Borgula looked into the Law she found that the township needs to be zoned in order to support the law.



Board of Review:

The dates were set for Board of Review – Organizational meeting will be March 3rd at 5:00 pm.

Open to the public will be Monday March 9th from 9:00am – 3:00 pm and Tuesday March 10th from 3:00pm – 9:00pm.


Public Comment:

Clerk Borgula thanked Carolyn Pruden for her assistance in helping her with the Cemetery records.


Approval of Bills:

Check # 2537-2556 and payroll of equaling $16,585.16.

A Motion was made by Treasurer Gruber and Supported by Clerk Borgula.

Board Members in Favor- Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber, and Trustee McGlashen.

Motion carried.


With no further Business:

A Motion was made by Clerk Borgula and Supported by Trustee McGlashen to adjourn the meeting.

Board Members in Favor- Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber and Trustee McGlashen.

Motion carried at 9:18 P.M.


Written By

Clerk M. Borgula