Board Minutes Aug. 16, 2017




August 16, 2017

8391 W. Temple Drive Harrison, MI 48625

The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

 Board Members Present: Supervisor Borgula, Clerk Galloway, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.

  • Guests: Dale Majewski, Ed Uber, Lynn Brown, Bob Schaible, Donna Schaible, Dave Gruber
  • Public Comment: Trustee McGlashen, stated that she had a couple questions regarding last month’s meeting, she understands that Sandi conducted the meeting and I was wondering why Tammy didn’t do it. Clerk Galloway explained that when she first heard about Mary-Supervisor not being able to attend, she had called Sandi – Treasurer, and asked her to chair the meeting because Clerk Galloway was going to be training the night of the Regular Board meeting. It wasn’t till after that, that Clerk Galloway found out about Trustee McGlashen not be able to attend either. So during all the talking to Supervisor Borgula and scheduling a Special Meeting on Tuesday so Clerk Galloway could attend to have a quorum. Clerk Galloway stated that yes Treasurer Gruber did begin the meeting and after that they co-chaired.
  • The second question is that I understand an announcement was made regarding my health issue and Mary’s and I object to that in an open meeting, but since it was done it needs to be in the minutes – so the approval for the minutes for last month needs to be amended. Treasurer Gruber then asked if she could say something: according to the MTA Guidelines its different because we were moving a Regular Board Meeting to a Special Meeting we had to have extreme circumstances or a very good reason as to why you need to schedule this to another date. And I took that upon myself to explain that you had very serious health issues. It was not meant to be malisous and I didn’t know your health issue were supposed to be a secret. Trustee McGlashen responded by saying that’s not the point – the point is that there was serious health issues, that there was serious issues – condition should not have been addressed. That’s my point I also called MTA and explained what had happened and they said that the explanation in the meeting was totally inappropriate but it was in actionable, I was disappointed that it was said in a meeting and that now it’s in the meeting minutes. Dave Gruber, asked what was inappropriate regarding Treasurer Gruber stating that Trustee McGlashen had a heart issue, Trustee McGlashen stated that it should have been stated that she had a health issue – end of story. I want the minutes amended to as what was said. Supervisor Borgula stated that this is a lesson learned and to be careful of your words, because there was a rumor going around that her and her husband had chemical burns due to making meth, and that isn’t funny at all.
  • Guest Speakers: Dale Majewski Clare County Commissioner:

Just a reminder of the Waste Management 2017 Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Northern Oaks Recycling and Disposal Facility Wednesday, September 13 10:00 am – 2:00pm  Oil based point / aerosol cans, batteries, bulbs, other chemical and electronics. Free of charge

Land Bank property sale is at the Doherty August 21 – that’s Clare County and Gladwin County – they do Gladwin first that starts at noon so if you are interested get there early so you will be able to register.

Not sure how many of you watched the news last night regarding the Fire Department Scam – I as attending a meeting in Freeman township last Thursday and a gentlemen approached me stating that he had received a phone call saying that he had won a 4 day vacation free and on his caller ID it said Lincoln Fire Department with the FD phone number. So the gentlemen figured it was a scam so he hung it up and hit redial and it rang back to the fire hall. So I got the police involved – so if it’s too good to be true it’s a Scam!

We are still working on the Budget in the County.

  • Approval of Special Meeting Minutes: 07/18/2017 Motion made by Supervisor Borgula to approve minutes with corrections made Supported by Treasurer Gruber all in favor Motion carried.
  • Supervisor Report:

 Insurance – Supervisor Borgula, thought that Ken Lind would be there because we are voting on to approve signing the contract. Treasurer Gruber explained that due to the change of last month’s meeting Ken didn’t have it on his calendar, but will attend next month’s meeting. Supervisor Borgula said she does have a problem with the contract regarding the Park where it says “signs and benches”. Treasurer Gruber said that she spoke with Ken regarding this and he said – there is no building on the property it’s just the way they code it – all that is on the property is a basketball net – this is just for coding only for the liability of the property.

Supervisor Borgula asked if there was a motion back dated to August 1, 2017 Motion was made to approve and except policy as written was made by Clerk Galloway Supported by Treasurer Gruber all in favor motion carried. Bill for Insurance was approved and paid in full at the Special Meeting $4200.00. Trustee McGlashen asked if it had gone up in rate, Supervisor Borgula replied that it had decreased by $2000.00 because the siren is no longer on the policy. Supervisor Borgula signed the contract.


Brining – I would like it explained to me what happened with the Brining because it really upset me. Treasurer Gruber stated that when Clerk Galloway was trying to get the Special Meeting together. I offered to help her with some calls – she stated that she was still waiting for the guy to come and fill out his paperwork as well as provide us with a copy of his insurance, he was supposed to be in a week ago. I took it a pond myself to take care of that as well as contacting Ken Lind and Dale. When I called him (Brian Graves) to ask him about the paperwork he explained that he was waiting to hear from Supervisor Borgula when her road would be grated so he could do her road. Treasurer Gruber told him she was under the impression that he was to do Supervisor Borgula’s subdivision, he said no just her road Linda Dr. and I said now I’m confused can I have a price break down – Brian said to do the subdivision and the Transfer Station it would be $350.00. Brian said he quoted $250.00 for Linda Dr. and the Transfer Station. Treasurer Gruber then asked for the cost of brining just the Transfer Station he gave her the price of $200.00. What I have a problem with was the priority of Linda Dr. in this whole sin aerial. Supervisor Borgula said that she is taking responsibility on not getting him to sign the contract that she was busy and then the accident happened. She stated that she had gone round and round with him and told him this was a test that he had to do the subdivision and that this was on the recommendation of the Road Commission. I had spoken with Clerk Galloway and asked her if she wanted me to hold off on the brining that day – a lot was going on she said yes, so I didn’t think anything would happen. I just wanted to get this out in the open it’s a lot of he said she said and I am taking responsibility for not getting a signed bid from him. When Supervisor Borgula called Brian he said he was told that he couldn’t do a township road – the $50.00 extra that he was going to charge to brine Linda Dr. Supervisor Borgula said she was going to pay out of her own pocket so it wouldn’t fall back on me because it was my road. I apologize for getting upset I was out of line – thank you for explaining it and I am going to put it on him because he lead you to believe it was just Linda Dr. and it wasn’t we had a bidding war going on. Clerk Galloway said that she also has an issue with paying for a county road to get brined when that is up to the county to take care of. Supervisor Borgula said that isn’t true, Clerk Galloway stated that she did call the Road Commission because when she asked Supervisor Borgula if Linda Dr. was a county or private road she didn’t get an answer. And the Road Commission asked why she was asking and she was told by the Road Commission that Linda Dr. is a county road and it is the responsibility of the county to plow / grated / brine the road so why would you use Township monies? Clerk Galloway stated that there are a lot of private roads within our Township that doesn’t have the luxury of having the county come in and take care of their roads. Supervisor Borgula said she is going to get Road Commission at the next meeting – Clerk Galloway said she thought that would be a great idea.

 Supervisor Borgula said that she is just going to put it out there – we seemed to be getting along great and then everything just went downhill and I don’t know and I don’t know how to repair this with the Board. Trustee Scarbrough stated that she feels we need to clarify who calls who and when? We can’t have 3 Board members calling the same place without the other Board members knowing, I would like to clarify who’s job that is – Mary I thought that was your job, but now everybody is calling everybody and I would like to know. I know Waste Management is Tammy’s but I thought the rest of it was Mary. I don’t believe 3 Board members should be calling the same facility and getting 3 different answers – I know I’m not responsible to call. I’m not saying anyone is wrong I just want to know who should make the calls. Supervisor Borgula said anything to do with contractors she should be dealing with, she referred to Clerk Galloway for example the cemetery Clerk Galloway notified me stating that the cemetery looks horrible and needs to be cut – I called the contractor.

Supervisor Borgula explained that she feels misplaced and at this point doesn’t know what the Board wants her to do – she thought she was taking care of the contracts. Does the Board just want her as a mediator at the meeting and the Board handle the rest? I can’t do this anymore – Treasurer Gruber spoke up and said that she is confused, yes she called about the brining it was a special circumstances and yes she called the Lawn service – but not for the Township for her subdivision and as a private citizen. Supervisor Borgula stated that it wasn’t good before she came on and it still isn’t since she came on, so there’s a break here and at this point there is no trust with any of the township members and if I’m not doing my job effectively then I won’t stay on because I feel I’m not needed, and I feel I’m not effective to the township and this is a commitment not my job and if I can’t be effective then I’m putting it out there right now and I will step down I don’t want problems with the Board members or Trustee’s. At that point Treasurer Gruber explained again why she called John the lawn service, was for her subdivision residents. Supervisor Borgula stated again that if the Board wants her to handle the contractors then she will handle them, she said that John was confused and she reassured him to just do his job. David Gruber asked Supervisor Borgula what John said and Supervisor Borgula said that she text him after Clerk Galloway called her and told her the cemetery looks really bad and we have a burial, he didn’t answer me so I text him again asking if he got my message, so I then emailed him and I said “you need to answer me what’s going on” he replied you know I’ve done my job and so on and with what’s going on, she asked what’s going on he said the Treasurer called me wanted to know what kind of deal we made about cutting trees and so on…and I said I had no idea this happened so I asked when did this happen – he stated about 2 months ago. He stated that Treasurer Gruber was kind of intimidating and I’ve worked all summer. This is why things are getting twisted even though you were calling on behalf of your subdivision things are just getting twisted – David Gruber stated that he is under contract and is getting paid to cut the grass, Supervisor Borgula responded exactly and he has gotten paid.

If the Board would like me to step down, if you feel you could find someone that could be a better mediator and do better things for the Township I’m willing to do for the Township because I don’t want this Board broken up. Trustee Scarbrough commented that this Board didn’t elect you the Township did.

Duties need to be clarified on this Board, after more discussion an agreement was made by the Board that in September a workshop would take place to create a Township Board Member Policy Binder outlining duties as applies to each Board Member. Supervisor Borgula asked Treasurer Gruber to send the copy of the policy that has been worked on out to the Board member prior to the workshop. This will not only help this Township Board as will in the future.

Emails should only be used for information only and for Clerk Galloway to send things out.

Clerk Galloway stated that she feels that Supervisor Borgula should continue to work with the contractors, and yes she agreed we all started out very badly in the beginning and the Board had a lot of trust issues with her and she feels she has proven herself and has learned a lot and still is learning.

I understand what you are saying regarding the email you can’t physically see the persons face, for example the email regarding the file cabinet locks. Never did I want it to come across that I didn’t trust the Board – that was not my intention, and that is why today I sent out another email trying to clear the air and explain why I felt the need to have the files locked, as the Township Clerk it is my duty the safe keeping of the records and things have been missing and if I worked out of my home it wouldn’t even be an issue. Yes it was my option to work out of the hall, I personally don’t want the Township records in my home – but that is my choice. And it is my job to safeguard those records and when I am not here it is only the two Current Files drawers that are locked. I am not saying that you can’t come into the office when I am here and look at the files, or call me and I can meet you here. Trustee Scarbrough stated that you are not always a phone call away and that all these years never has the files been locked only the office and closet doors – Clerk Galloway stated that is because most of the past Clerks worked out of their homes, Trustee Scarbrough asked Supervisor Borgula if the files were kept at her house and Supervisor Borgula said yes the current files were kept at her house. Supervisor asked if Clerk Galloway would compromise would you keep the keys in the safe just in case something happened. Clerk Galloway will make a decision at a later time. Supervisor Borgula stated that she doesn’t even go into the office because she knew that Clerk Galloway was having issues. Clerk Galloway stated that is another reason why she did it – she doesn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable about going in the office. But there have been issues with files missing / door being left unlocked – file showing back up weeks after being gone. Supervisor Borgula stated that what she needs is in her home so she doesn’t go in there hardly at all anymore. Supervisor Borgula said her job is the Blight and the Contractors and she has everything at home and that she tries to remember to give Clerk Galloway a copy of the contracts because yes she is the keeper of the records, I don’t want anything to do with your records I have no need for them. Clerk Galloway stated that they weren’t her records they are the Township’s records.

But as a Supervisor if aren’t available and I need to look at this contract – I need to get in there it would be just you and I with access to the key.

David Gruber stated that he has been listening to the discussion and asked the question are the files being locked because files are missing? Clerk Galloway said yes files have been missing. David Gruber then asked who all has access to the office and closet – the whole Board – yes. Supervisor Borgula said that she wasn’t even aware of a Resolution file, Clerk Galloway said it wasn’t a Resolution file it was an Ordinance File, that she had created and after the Ordinance was adopted when she received the Townships copy of publication from the Clare Cleaver and went to file it – that’s when she noticed that file missing.

Clerk Report:Conference Update – The conference was very informative – they covered several topics over the two days.

Office File – already covered

Train the Trainer – Clerk Galloway stated that she has 2 ladies that are going to be attending the Train the Trainer class with her on the new Election Equipment. The question was asked of the Board if the Township pays them to attend the training (2 ladies) Supervisor Borgula stated that they haven’t in the past.

Bid Notice – Clerk Galloway gave the Board a copy of the Bid Notice for approval

Motion was made to put the vacant lot up for bid by Treasurer Gruber Supported by Trustee McGlashen All in favor Motion carried.

Clerk Galloway explained that the Assessor values parcels in our area at 3200 a parcel which is around an acre. This lot is about a ¼ acre so she would value it at about $850.00.

Motion was made by Supervisor Borgula to start the bids off at $850.00 Supported by Trustee McGlashen All in favor motion carried.

Clerk Galloway will be in charge of collecting the bids / posting it on the outside board and Hall door as well as posting on the Township website.

Supervisor Borgula also added as a reminder that bids for snowplowing will have to be posted after next meeting to get them approved in the October meeting.

· Treasurer Report:  Update- Very quiet right now, I’m anticipating around September 1st it will start to pick up. Very few credit cards or calls, a few address changes. In September is when the credit card charges usually start because residents don’t want to pay that 3%.

       Sheriff’s Report: 53 calls

       Unfinished Business

Cemetery Outhouse – Linn gave me a verbal amount of $150.00 to remove it. Would the Board have an issue if I placed the Outhouse on Craigslist? Board all agreed to place it on Craigslist prior to paying for having it removed. Once it is removed we would have Buster fill in the hole with the excess sand in the cemetery.

New Business

Trees in Cemetery – Supervisor Borgula is going to call Kelly’s / Henry’s tree service and get some bids on the Oaks and other trees in the cemetery that need to be trimmed or taken down. She asked if a Board member would agree to meet the contractors at the cemetery for her because she is unable to walk. Trustee Scarbrough will be meeting contractors at the cemetery.

Cemetery Bulletin Board

Mike Galloway offered to fix the bulletin board at no cost.

 Public Comment: None

 Approval of Bills:

Motion to approve checks 3281 – 3305 and Withholding of $425.36 equaling $7,734.62

(After adding Hartleb – Bonding of the Board in the amount of $298.00)

Motion to approve was made by Trustee Scarbrough and Supported by Treasurer Gruber. All in favor. Motion carried.

  • Motion to adjourn: Made by Clerk Galloway and Supported by Supervisor Borgula. All in favor. Motion carried.

·    Meeting Adjourned 8:49pm



TGalloway – Clerk