December 20, 2017 Meeting Minutes



December 20, 2017

The Meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm.

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

 Board Members Present: Supervisor Borgula, Clerk Galloway, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.

Additions or Deletions to Adgenda: Supervisor Borgula, added Workshop in January.

Guest: Mike Galloway, Ray Borgula Edward Uber, Harry Schmit

 Public Comment: Trustee McGlashen said she had someone ask her about the solid waste disposal on M-61, are they bringing it in or taking it out? Supervisor Borgula stated that they are bringing it in the brine from the oil wells. Trustee Scarbrough said her understanding is that they are doing both. Trustee Scarbrough is going to get the phone number and get more information.

Guest Speaker: None

Approval of Meeting Minutes:

A motion was made to approve minutes with corrections resolution numbers to be determined 11/15/2017 meeting minutes Motion made by Supervisor Borgula supported by Trustee McGlashen

All in Favor- Motion carried.


We/township is approved by FEMA and we are on the map as well as eligible for low interest loans if needed. Supervisor Borgula has noted the roads that flood. She also found out that the Road Commission does not work with FEMA. We are one of the only townships without a road millage, and would like to put it on the ballot whether it would pass or not? That’s why I would like to have a workshop in January to discuss this further. Workshop will be scheduled for January 9, 2018 11:00 a.m.

Generator: Supervisor Borgula did have one company come in and they looked at our service suggesting we put all in one box currently we have two breaker boxes. Another Electrician said no problem it would cost about $500 to $600, he was from Marion. Also spoke with another township and their standby generator was about $4000.00. Board decided that they would like Supervisor Borgula to look into this more, which she agreed to do.

Snow Removal on Renting of the Hall: Supervisor Borgula stated that we pay to have the Hall plowed if there is 4 inches of snow – if the hall is rented and the renters would like to have the Hall plowed they can contact her or Clerk Galloway and pay to have the hall plowed. They CAN NOT plow it themselves or have someone other than the Townships contracted company do it.


Quickbooks is all updated to the new 2018 service 24/7.

Due to weather was unable to attend the Clerks Meeting

Trustee Scarbrough asked if Clerk Galloway had looked at new laptops yet, Clerk Galloway stated that she hadn’t but would look at them.

Discussed the landline – Clerk Galloway is going to check into the cost of getting a wireless modem for the new Election Equipment.

 Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Gruber presented her report. Supervisor Borgula suggested that for auditing purposes that for example Treasurer Gruber was approved for stamps at the cost of $294.00 shouldn’t that be brought forward on the Monthly Check Report – even though they were already approved? Clerk Galloway said she would add anything over $200.00 that was purchased after the previous meeting onto the next meetings report.

Sheriff’s Incidents: 35 calls 3 Fire Reports 1 – lift assist 1- CO Alarm 1 – shed fire

Old Business:

Blight on Ann St address – they still are not using the Transfer Station – letter will be sent to Landlord that renters are not complying.

New Business:

School Bus: Bus driver is going so fast and there are kids on the Bus, have called Transportation – suggestion was made to go or contact the Superintendent.

Board Of Review: We are sorry to see Dave Gruber resign from the Board Of Review he was a very good member, but we would like to thank him for his service. Motion to approve Harry Schmit to fill the vacant seat was made by: Clerk Galloway Supported by: Trustee Scarbrough All in Favor Motion Carried.

Harry Schmit will be sworn in tonight to replace Dave, welcome Harry.

Fire Contract: The 2018 Harrison Fire Contract amount is $12,093.00 Motion to approve amount of contract was made by: Trustee McGlashen Supported by: Supervisor Borgula All in Favor Motion carried.

 Approval of Bills:

A motion was made by Treasurer Gruber and supported by Supervisor Borgula to approve check # 3372 – 3397 and federal withholding of $425.38 equaling $17,851.78 All in favor- Motion carried.

Motion to Adjourn at 8:37 pm. By Treasurer Gruber and Supported by Trustee McGlashen . All in favor-Motion carried.