Feb. 21, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes



February 21, 2018

The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board Members Present: Supervisor Borgula, Clerk Galloway, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.

Additions or Deletions to Adgenda: Supervisor Borgula added Contracts

Guest: Mike Galloway, Edward Uber, Ray Borgula, Dave Gruber, Anita West, Chris Damvelt

 Public Comment: N/A

 Guest Speaker: Anita West – Mid Michigan Community College: She gave a brief overview of the college and what is offered to students.

Guest Speaker: Chris Damvelt – Harrison Fire Chief: They have purchased some new equipment for the fireman as well as Jaws of life which they have already used twice since purchased. From Jan. 1, 2017 – Dec.31,2017 they made 51 fire runs to t

Temple – 346 runs for whole coverage area. They are looking to replace one of the fire trucks that is 25 years old, and are asking each township to increase their current millage to .7 over the next 4 years to help cover the cost. The new truck would carry 2000 gallons of water, the truck they currently have only carries 1000 gallons.

Approval of Meeting Minutes:

A motion was made to approve 1/17/18 meeting minutes Motion made by Trustee McGlashen supported by Trustee Scarbrough

All in Favor- Motion carried.


Road Update – Board once again discussed options for road repairs / one being matching what is allotted from the Road Commission – another being putting a Road Millage on the August Ballot. Board decided on holding a Township Hearing regarding a Road Millage held at the Township Hall May 3, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Contracts – We will be accepting quotes for the Groundskeeper position for the 2018 May – October season.

Township Hall Cleaning contract will be renewed as well as the Transfer Station contract.


Hall Rental Amendment – giving the Board the right to reject a rental request.

Motion was made to accept the amendment as written by: Supervisor Borgula supported by: Trustee McGlashen

Roll Call vote: Supervisor Borgula – yes

Clerk Galloway – yes

Treasurer Gruber – yes

Trustee McGlashen – yes

                       Trustee Scarbrough – yes

All in favor motion passed.

Clerk also brought up the possibly of renting out the hall for receptions and allowing alcohol if the renter provides their own insurance to cover inside and out of the hall. Board was in favor and Clerk Galloway will do more research and bring it back to the Board.                                                                     

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurer Gruber presented her report – Point to pay was way up.

Sheriff’s Incidents: 53 calls

Old Business:

BOR Class – BOR members attended training in Cadillac – next year they will attend MTA training

Board of Review dates: Tuesday March 6 – 9:00 am Organizational Meeting

Monday March 12 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Public Appeal Hearing

Tuesday March 13 – 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm Public Appeal Hearing

Thursday March 15 – 9:00 am Review

New Business:

Supplies – Each Board member will purchase supplies as needed.

Mailbox Snow Clearing – Mailman asked if residents will please keep the area around their mailboxes clear from snow.

Property Taxes – A motion was made to do away with the Feb. 14 – Feb. 28 deadline. The Twp can charge a 3% charge after the 14th and until the 28th. when they are sent to the county. By eliminating the Feb. 14th date residents would not be charged the 3% between the 14th & 28th.

Motion was made not the collect Winter penalty tax of 3% after Feb. 14 by: Supervisor Borgula Supported by: Trustee McGlashen

Roll Call vote:

Supervisor Borgula yes

Clerk Galloway yes

Treasurer Gruber yes

Trustee McGlashen

Trustee Scarbrough

All in favor motion carried.

 Approval of Bills:

A motion was made by: Trustee Scarbrough Supported by: Treasurer Gruber to approve check # 3419 – 3439 and federal withholding of $440.68 equaling $5,594.06 All in favor- Motion carried.

Motion to Adjourn at 9:08 pm. Motion made by: Supervisor Borgula Supported by: Trustee Scarbrough All in favor-Motion carried.