January 20,2016


1/26/16                             UNAPPROVED MEETING MINUTES


                                                  JANUARY 20, 2016






The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.


Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.




Board Members Present: Supervisor Krchmar (absent), Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee  McGlashen and


Trustee Scarbrough.


Guest: Tom Winarski, Cara Uber, Edward Uber, Dale Majewski, Mike Trzcienski and Mary Beth Trzcienski


Guest Speakers:


Dale Majewski – Clare County Commissioner,


Board of Commissioners are looking into a new I.T. Company. There is in opening in the County Treasurer’s office.


Over 2 hundred people attended the Veterans’ Freedom Park fundraiser.


Mary Beth Trzcienski asked Commissioner Majewski why MMR don’t email their invoices.


He responded by saying he has no control over MMR they are a private business.




Tom Winarski Republican,


Tom announced his candidacy for the 97th District House of Representative seat. Tom has been Mayor of the City of Gladwin for 14 years and recently elected to an 8th term. He has had a long career in banking. 




Sheriff Incidents:


34 reported and 1 grass fire on Lily Lake Rd caused by a wire down.


Motion to Approve December 16, 2015 Meeting Minutes.


A motion to accept the minutes was made by Trustee McGlashen /Treasurer Gruber- Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:


Treasurer’s report was given to the Board Members. Gruber mentioned it was busy at the end of December.


Clerk’s Report:


Clerk Borgula is looking for Election Inspectors she has been waiting to find out if there will be a certification class in February for Election Inspectors.


Township Hall Floor


A motion was made by Trustee McGlashen / Trustee Scarbrough to allow Tom Corwin up to $250.00 to wax and buff the hall floor in February. – Motion carried


Public Comment:




Approval of Bills:


Checks #2776-2801 and payroll withholding equaling $16,493.53. Ck # 2792 & 2799 voided


A motion was made by Clerk Borgula / Treasurer Gruber. – Motion carried.

Motion to Adjourn at 7:34 pm was made by Clerk Borgula / Trustee McGlashen.- Motion Carried.