07/17/13 Meeting Minutes

Redding Township Meeting Unapproved Minutes

July 17, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Guests: Dale Majewski, Linn and Carolyn Pruden, Nancy Scarbrough. Bob Schaible, Donna Schaible, Lynn Brown


Board Members Present:  Treasurer Gruber, Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk McBurney, Trustee Mann, Trustee Ashbaugh


Dale Majewski  County Commissioner District #1 spoke on the following topics:

* Dr. Graham of the Central Michigan District Health Department discussed the West Nile Virus, SARS of the Middle East Influenza due to the increase of Mosquito exposure this season. People over 75 years old can be easily susceptible.

* Harrison District Library is offering some computer classes for the month of July.

* The Board of Commisioners will be working on the County Budget starting with a meeting with the County Administrator on July 10th. The County Administrator will present Budget Recommendations to the Committee of the Whole.

* July 23rd – 25th Special County Board work sessions to review budgets will be held.  

* August 7th Department appeals will be heard.                                                                               

* August 14th or 21st Public Hearings on FY 2014 Budget.

* August 14th or 21st County Board will adopt FY 2014 Budget.


Motion to accept 06-19-2013 minutes made by Trustee Mann and supported by Trustee Ashbaugh. Board members in favor: Trustee Mann,  Treasurer Gruber, Clerk McBurney and Trustee Ashbaugh. Motion carried.


Sheriff’s Department

No one attended the meeting.


Treasurer’s report was reviewed.



* Fire department incident report was reviewed.

* Sheriff Incident Report was reviewed.     

* Senior Citizen News was received. The menus for the next three months will be displayed in the outside bulletin board.

* Notice of last day for voter registration (July 8, 2013) for the August 6th special election.

* The Internal Revenue Service sent a notice of overpayment for payroll taxes. A check was received in the amount of $352.84.

* Tax Tribunal notified the Township of a property that was an illegal sale awhile back and the tax problem was a moot point. The property became uncapped.  The property will be uncapped next year. The County Treasurer’s Office will handle this tax problem. A refund could be forthcoming from the County Treasurer’s Office, not from Redding Township.


Activities –  Pot Luck dinners are successful.

              Church Rummage sale will be held                at the Hall on July 19th & 20th.


   The fireworks show was a success and very enjoyable.


  Old Business:

* Waste Management Bill for June 2013 was determined to be a total of $637.35 plus an overdraft fee of $25.00 for a check I sent to Waste Management that wasn’t signed by Clerk McBurney. (637.35 + 25.00) = $722.35

* Waste Management Bill for July 2013 was determined to be $1208.72

* Cemetery – Sign poles haven’t been fixed yet.                     

* Cemetery – Trash pile was removed and trash cans are being dumped.

* A county election will be held August 6, 2013.

Motion to approve bills 2173 – 2190, 9998  in the amount of $7,330.17. Motion  made by Treasurer Gruber, second by Treasurer Gruber.  Board members in favor:  Trustee Mann, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee Ashbaugh and Clerk McBurney. Motion carried.


* New Business:

1.) Budget for the current fiscal year has to be closed out in the computer files. Treasurer Gruber and Clerk McBurney will complete this by the end of this week

2.)  Resolution for Timbering Land on state or private land and the road damage it causes especially in April was discussed. Also, the Resolution for Work Permits not being required for certain home repairs was discussed and received feedback from the people in attendance. It was decided to approve $250.00 to consult with Attorney Fahey about the legalities of these resolutions. Motion by Clerk McBurney and second by Treasurer Gruber. Board members in favor: Trustee Mann, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee Ashbaugh and Clerk McBurney. Motion carried.

5.) Election Commission – Approve precinct workers. Margaret Borgula, Jerry Burger, and Nancy House. Motion by Treasurer Gruber and second by Trustee Ashbaugh. Board members in favor: Trustee Mann, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee Ashbaugh and Clerk McBurney. Motion carried.                                    

6.) Election Ballot for the August 6th election was discussed as to what the three millage renewals were about. Also, the election results will be reported for overall and Redding Township at the August 21, 2013 Board meeting.

7.) Meal money approval for Election Day workers. Clerk McBurney requested up to $75.00 for feeding three meals for the day. Motion by Trustee Ashbaugh, second by Trustee Mann. Board members in favor: Trustee Mann, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee Ashbaugh and Clerk McBurney. Motion carried.


8.) Hall Rental Fees – It was determined that Church, Civic groups and certain associations will not be charged for the use of the hall. However, security deposits will still be required. Clerk McBurney will change the Hall price sheet to reflect these changes. Some Associations will need approval from Supervisor Krchmar to qualify for free rental. Motion by Treasurer Gruber and second by Trustee Mann.  Board members in favor: Trustee Mann, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee Ashbaugh and Clerk McBurney. Motion carried.


Public comment was made.

1.) Insurance agent Ken Lind notified the Board of some changes to our liability insurance that’s renewing August  1, 2013. He is going to insure the siren warning system for $18,000. The overall bill will increase anywhere from $50.00 up to $300.00, depending on how he can classify some coverage. He had no objection with the Township paying the bill at the next board meeting, even though the coverage is effective August 1, 2013.

2.) Nancy Scarbrough brought up some comments that Clerk McBurney was accused of saying.  A big misunderstanding of what was said and the context of the comments is what happened.


Action Items –   Thank you card to the fireworks company for a great show.


Motion to adjourn made by Trustee Mann and supported by Treasurer Gruber at 8:55pm.