05/15/13 Meeting Minutes

Redding Township Meeting Unapproved Minutes

May 15, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Guests: Dale Majewski, Linn and Carolyn Pruden, Dave Gruber, Mary Borgula,            

Miles Teller

Board Members Present:  Treasurer Gruber, Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk McBurney,

Trustee Mann, Trustee Ashbaugh

Dale Majewski  County Commissioner District #1 spoke on the following topics:

*     Clare County  is one of twenty nine counties that have been noted as Proactive for

Revenue Sharing. Clare County will receive money. Amount to be determined.

*     House Bill 5089 which is the Prescription Drug Disposal Bill has eleven district wide

collection centers. Clare County Sheriff’s Department is the closest.

Upcoming Parks & Recreation events are:

Wilderness Bike Ride, June 15th. Noon – 4:00pm. Starting location will be at the       

Mid-Michigan Community Action Agency.

First annual Golf Outing fundraiser, Friends of Clare County Parks & Rec. August 10th.

Start time is 9:00am at Tamarack golf course.

Mannsiding & Old State road project is underway. The intersection of old 27 &

Mannsiding road will be done first and then the road will be closed down between

Mannsiding and M-61 until the project is completed. The only way into the college will

be the back entry off of Mannsiding road.

Harrison Library Computer Classes offered for the month of May. This is open to all

Clare County residents.

Hazard Mitigation – A  committee is being formed to formulate plan of actions. A

Redding Township resident should be on this committee. No one named yet.


Motion to accept 04-17-2013 minutes made by Treasurer Gruber and supported by Trustee

Ashbaugh, with some changes/corrections to be made.  Board members in favor: Trustee

Mann,  Treasurer Gruber, Clerk McBurney and Trustee Ashbaugh. Motion carried.


Sheriff’s Department

No one attended the meeting.

Treasurer’s report was reviewed.

Clare County Equalization Contract was renewed. Cost per year (830 parcels x $1.00) =

$830.00. Check will be sent in with contract.


*     Fire department incident report was reviewed.

*     Sheriff Incident Report was reviewed.     

*     Forestry Assistance Program Clare/Gladwin Counties. Treasurer Gruber will put a

couple of lines in the Newsletter for individuals who could take advantage of this. A

concern was raised about loss of tax revenue. No answer on loss of taxes.

*     Purchased Foreclosed Property – The Township has no interest in the three

properties. First Right of Refusal was signed and mailed to the Treasurer’s Office.

Committee Reports: (Sandy Mann)

 Pot Luck dinners which began April 27, 2013 at the Township Hall, was successful.

Attendance was good. The dinners will be held every fourth Saturday of the month.

Roadside Pickup Project was held April 27, 2013. It was successful and the roadsides looked

very neat and clean. A luncheon was held after the work was completed. Nine people


Old Business:

1.    New American flags and flag holders were purchased from the Harrison VFW Post

1075. Sixty-five grave flags ($1.00 each) and five holders ($9.00 each)  cost $110.00.

Sandy Mann purchased a  3′ x 5′ flag for the Hall.

2.    Dave Gruber purchased cleaning products and paper products at Sam’s Club. The hall

is now supplied for any rentals.

3.    A budget for July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014 was reviewed. Two changes were made in

the budget. There will be a County wide election on 08/06/2013. A possible election

in November is still being considered. So, the Election budget was increased by

$2,000 and the Law Enforcement budget reduced by $2,000. Final approval of the

budget will presented at the June 19th board meeting.

4.    Motion to acquire office supplies such as hanging file folders, file folders, tabs, etc.

by Clerk McBurney, second by Treasurer Gruber. One hundred twenty five dollars is

the top amount to be spent. Board members in favor: Treasurer Gruber, Trustee

Mann, Trustee Ashbaugh, Clerk McBurney. Motion carried


5.    A new phone system was installed by Clerk McBurney. It is a wireless system by

STRAIGHT TALK which replaced AT&T. The phone number remains the same.

The cost per month is $15.00/month. This is accomplished by using ‘AUTO-FILL’,

so your account stays active. This is easier than buying a phone card every month.

Clerk McBurney will contact the company and inquire about them deducting $15.00

every month from the Township checking account. If not, a credit card must be used.

Clerk McBurney will check with John Danoff as to what credit card can be used to

abide by the ‘audit’ rules.

New Business:

1.) Waste Management – Three additional cans (garbage bins) will be used May –

October costing $300/month for a total of $1800. Pickups of the trash will be every

Thursday. The Township has requested that Waste Management pickup the trash in

the morning as not to interfere with our operation during open hours. Clerk

McBurney will locate the Waste Management Contract to see when it expires.

 2.) Records Retention- Several documents and records have to be kept for certain

periods of time. It was determined that there isn’t a reasonable computer solution to

this problem of storing documents (data) and retrieving it easily. Until something

becomes available and affordable, the Township will continue like it is, but better


3.) ‘Jamboree’ has been discontinued permanently by Onahlee Johnson

4.) Cemetery

    A.) Entry door on the shed needs replacing. Cost for the door with permit is about         

$225. Installation will be done by Supervisor Krchmar at his convenience.

Commissioner Majewski will check into getting the permit fee waived. This would

lower the cost by about $70.

    B.) Ten yards of black dirt is needed for grave maintenance. The cost for delivery

is $230 for ten cubic yards.

    C.) Motion to accomplish A and B by Clerk McBurney, second by Treasurer

Gruber. Board members in favor: Trustee Mann, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee

Ashbaugh and Clerk McBurney. Motion carried.

     D.) Poles that support the cemetery sign are rusted. They need refurbishing or

replaced. Quotations have/will be sent out for costs.

      E.) The hand pump in the cemetery isn’t operational. C & R Well Drilling has

been contacted. No communication received back as of this date.

5.) Motion to approve $3400 for crushed concrete to be spread in transfer station by

Clerk McBurney, second by Trustee Aahbaugh. Board members in favor:  Trustee Mann,

Treasurer Gruber, Trustee Ashbaugh and Clerk McBurney. Motion carried. (Roll Offs

need to be moved)

6.) Clare County will conduct a millage renewal election on August 6, 2013.

7.) Decorate Veterans Graves – Flags will be put on graves by Deputy Clerk Mary

Borgula, Carolyn Pruden, Clerk McBurney and Cindy McBurney on May 23, 2013,


Motion to approve bills 2133-2151 in the amount of $6,277.27 made by Trustee Mann,

second by Trustee Ashbaugh. Board members in favor:  Trustee Mann, Treasurer Gruber,

Trustee Ashbaugh and Clerk McBurney. Motion carried.

Public comment was made.

1.)   State land on West M-61 is being lumbered. As a result the roads are very muddy. It is

difficult for ATV’s to use this trail and the state land. Also, there’s a gate across a trail

that has to be removed. No solution was given.

2.)   A question was posed if the Board would put the road millage on the August ballot. A

discussion centered around if the wording was changed, maybe it would be more

favorable with the voters. This suggestion was tabled for now.

Action Items –  None

Motion to adjourn made by Trustee Mann and supported by Trustee Ashbaugh at 9:15pm.


Jim McBurney