5-20-2016 Meeting minutes

                                                           REDDING TOWNSHIP

                                                     APPROVED MEETING MINUTES

                                                                 May 18, 2016

 The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.                                             


Board Members Present: Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and

Trustee Scarbrough.

 Guest:  Dale Majewski, Edward Uber and Mary Beth Trzcienski, Mike Trzcienski, David Gruber and Robert Townsend.

 Guest Speakers:

Dale Majewski – Clare County Commissioner, Grand Opening of the Veteran’s Freedom Park in Harrison is scheduled for May 25th. At 1:00pm. The court house will be closed from 1:00-2:15 pm. The offices in the basement of the Court House will be moved into the old Health Department office on the main floor.

 Larry Clever-Burnham & Flower Insurance- Spoke regarding the Par Plan (The Michigan Township Participating Plan).

 Mary Beth Trzcieenski Guest –Read a letter regarding how dissatisfied she is with the Township Board.

 Robert Townsend – Running for the 39tth.district House of Representatives.

 Sheriff Incidents:

44 reported and 2 MMR Assist.

 Motion to Approve May 20, 2016 Meeting Minutes.

A Motion was made to accept the minutes as printed by Treasurer Gruber /Clerk Borgula – Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

It was the Supervisor’s opinion that Treasurer Gruber have a draft tax letter ready for the next board meeting.

It was the Clerk’s opinion that the Treasurer should be able to send out the letter without board approval. Trustee Scarbrough agreed with Clerk Borgula. Trustee McGlashen said it wouldn’t hurt to have it at the next meeting.

 Clerk’s Report:

The Marion School Election went well on May 3rd. Clerk Borgula asked the Board to approve an increase of the Deputy Clerk up to twenty hours a month. A motion was made by Treasurer Gruber / Clerk Borgula. -Motion carried.

Clerk Borgula and Carolyn Pruden placed new flags on the Veterans graves in the Cemetery. Two 3×5 flags were replaced one at the Township Hall and the other at the Cemetery.

 Budget – the Board presented the new budget for everyone to look at, changes are being made on the Transfer Station roll offs. It’s unclear on how many are going to be limited on the new budget.

 Clerk’s Salary – It was the Clerk’s opinion that the new Clerk’s salary be $700.00 a month, it was the Supervisor’s opinion to give the Clerk more money for a deputy instead of a pay increase .Supervisor Krchmar recanted his statement from the last meeting that the Clerk’s salary be increased to $1200.00-$1500.00 more a year. Treasurer Gruber suggested to keep the pay at $675.00 for a year. Clerk Borgula asked the Board to consider paying the new clerk a per-diem of fifty dollars a meeting outside Redding Township.

 Insurance- Supervisor Krchmar is looking into quotes for insurance, The Supervisor is meeting with the Ken Lind on Thursday to go over the currant insurance.

 Washing the Outside of the Hall- Ed Uber summited a bid for washing the hall for $150.00. Supervisor Krchmar will pick up the cleaner to wash the hall down Sandi/ Mary –Motion carried.

A motion was made to purchase the vinyl siding cleaner up to $100.00 by Clerk Borgula /Treasurer Gruber – Motion carried.

Assessor– Supervisor Krchmar made a recommendation to terminate the contract with Julie Tatro. Treasurer Gruber said she will only work with Julie, and feels she’s doing a good job, Clerk Borgula agreed. After much debate with the Supervisor, four of the other Board Members voted not to terminate the contract with Julie tatro.

Equalization Contract- Treasurer Gruber looked into the paperwork that they’ll need to generate the taxes, with the Assessor’s help she will be able to generate the property taxes and save at least $1,500.00.

It was the Supervisor’s opinion that a motion should be made not to sign the Clare County Equalization’s contact. A motion was made by Treasurer Gruber/ Trustee McGlashen – Motion carried Treasurer Gruber will send an email to Clare County Equalization.

 Dump Cards– A Motion was made by Treasurer Gruber/Clerk Borgula to approve up to $20.00 for new dump cards

Motion carried.

 Tires- Clerk Borgulacorrected a typo on the tire collectioninstead of June 13th it should be June 16th.

 Trees– It was the Supervisor’s opinion that the pine trees in the back of the Township Hall need to be removed. After much discussion it was decided toleave the trees alone.

 Internet Service – Clerk Borgula will get quotes on internet service for the Township Hall and bring them back next month.

 Bike Rally stop – A group of bicyclist asked to put twoPorta Johnsat the Township Hall on June 22nd from 9:00 am -1:00pm. After much discussion.A Motion was made to charge a $50.00 deposit fee made by Treasurer Gruber/ Trustee McGlashen.

3 yay for a deposit / Borgula – nay not to charge a deposit.


Public Comment:

Dave Gruber asked about road brining this year Supervisor Krchmar will look into it.

 Supervisor Krchmar asked about purchasing new books for the Board the cost will be up to $200.00

A motion was made by Trustee McGlashen/ Trustee Scarbrough.- Motion Carried

 Key – It was the Supervisor’s opinion that the Board set a policy that only the board, deputies and the hall cleaning person can have a master key. The Supervisor recanted his statement from last month regarding exceptions being made to who will have a key.

It will be up to the Township Board who will receive keys in the future.

 Approval of Bills

A Motion was made by Treasurer Gruber/ Trustee McGlashen to approve Check # 2871-2894 and payroll withholding of $448.00 equaling $6298.31. – Motion Carried.

 Motion to adjourn

A Motion was made by Clerk Borgula/ Trustee Scarbrough to adjourn at 9:34 pm-Motion carried.


 M.  Borgula.