11-16-16 Board Minutes




Nov. 16, 2016

8391 W. Temple DriveHarrison, MI48625


The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance


Board Members Present:Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk Borgula Absent, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.


  • Guest: Tammy &Mike Galloway, Dale Majewski, John Pruden, Cara Uber
  • Guest Speakers: Dale MajewskiClare County Commissioner


They have 2 vacancies in the Treasurers Office and a part time vacancy in the ADA office.


·         Guest Speakers: Tammy Galloway – Activities Director

Treat or Trunking was a huge success as well as the Harvest Dinner, thanks to everyone that helped. Dec 3 is our Dinner with Santa.


  • Approval of Meeting Minutes: 10/19/2016 Meeting Minutes

A motion was made to accept the minutes as printed. Motion made by Treasurer Gruber/Trustee McGlashen motion carried.


  • Treasurer’s Report:

Everything going good and is working again with Equalization on the printing of the Tax Bills. They should be ready around the end of November.


·         Sheriff’s Incidents: 18 calls


  • Unfinished Business:

Hall Lights – Supervisor Krchmar wanted an updated because he noticed the back lights were still out. Mike Galloway will look into it, not sure if the balusters are bad or they just need new bulbs.


Cemetery Clean-up – Supervisor Krchmar asked if it had been taken care of. Treasurer Gruber stated that Clerk Borgula had talked to Tony and she is under the understanding that he will complete the job.


John Pruden asked about the park lots and if the Township would want to sell them and if so he would be interested. Supervisor Krchmar told him to bring it up at the December meeting.


·         New Business:


·         MTA Classes – 4 registered for the class Motion was made to approve the check for $596.00. Motion made by Treasurer Gruber supported by Trustee Scarbrough Motion carried.


Tire Collection –RE: 2017 Tire Collection Grant is the Township interested in participating? Motion made to participate by Treasurer Gruber supported by Trustee Scarbrough Motion carried. An email will be sent to Peggy Hoard letting her know.


Board Of Review meeting – 12/13/16 at 9:30 a.m.

New Board MembersElected all members will be sworn in prior to next meeting.


                                           Mary Borgula / Supervisor  

                                           Tamara Galloway / Clerk

                                           Sandi Gruber / Treasurer

                                           Marlene McGlasen / Trustee

                                           Nancy Scarbrough / Trustee



·         Public Comment:

Cara Uber brought up that dumpster #9 was pushed up on the hill and the seniors of the township are having a hard time using it. Deputy Clerk Galloway explained that the dumpster was moved because of the snowplows and she understood that Waste Management was going to pull it forward and not up the hill and that she would check into it.


·         Approval of Bills:

o       A motion was made by Trustee Scarbrough supported by Treasurer Gruber to approve Check #3030 – 3055 withholding of $472.44 and total amount of $6918.80

o       Motion carried

·         Motion to adjourn: 7:25





TGalloway – Deputy Clerk