Summer 2017 Tax Letter


WEBSITE – Look under MAIN MENU (far right side) for information on elections, meeting minutes, upcoming events, contact information, etc.

Please mail your tax payments to Redding Township Treasurer at 421 Norwegian Trail, Harrison, MI 48625. This information will be on your tax statements. And, as in the past, if you want a receipt, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment.

Reminder: You can pay your taxes using a credit card. There is a 3% Courtesy Fee added to your taxes for this service (goes to Third-Party Processor – not Twp). Check out our Website for the On-line option for paying taxes, Please Note: You will be able to pay by credit card either online or by phone – call 989-424-7172.

Summer taxes are due by September 14, 2017. Payment for summer taxes start no earlier than July 1, 2017. There will be a 1% monthly penalty added after September 14, 2017. Please Note: 1% penalty Sept 15-30 and then 1% per month Oct-February 28, 2017.

Hall Office Hours: Clerk: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am – 2pm
Treasurer: Thursdays 11am – 3pm

Transfer Station
The Transfer Station is now on summer hours – Thursdays 1-7pm and Sundays 9am – 2pm. You need to be a Redding Twp. Taxpayer and show your dump card in order to use this facility. You can obtain a card from Nancy Scarbrough (Trustee & Transfer Station Attendant), Sandi Gruber (Treasurer), or Tammy Galloway (Clerk) – see phone numbers listed below. You must show proof of property ownership in order to obtain a card.

Your Redding Township Board Members wish you a safe and healthy summer!

Redding Township Hall: (231) 743-6170

Supervisor: Mary Borgula (231) 743-2043

Treasurer: Sandi Gruber (989) 424-7172

Clerk: Tammy Galloway (586) 722-4052

Trustee: Nancy Scarbrough (989) 339-7295

Trustee: Marlene McGlashen (989) 802-9013

Respectfully yours,
Sandi Gruber
Redding Township Treasurer