9-21-2016 Meeting Minutes



                                                           MEETING MINUTES

                                                          September 21, 2016

                                             8391 W. Temple Drive Harrison, MI 48625


The Meeting was called to order at 7:02 pm.

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Board Members Present:Supervisor Krchmar, Clerk Borgula, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.

 Guest:Ken Lind, Cara Uber, Edward Uber, Tammy and Mike Galloway, Pam Mayfield, Dale Majewski, Mary Beth Trzcienski, Pat Gauthier, Robert Townsend Lynn Brown and Donna Schaible

 Guest Speakers: Dale MajewskiClare County Commissioner

 Land Auction on September 27th. at 12:00 pm located at the Doherty                                     Hotel in Clare. Clare County Animal Shelter Open House is September 28th 11:00am – 3:00p

Guest Speakers: Pam Mayfield – Clare County Clerk/Register of Deeds

 Pam is seeking re-election in the 2016 November General Election.

 Guest Speaker: Robert Townsend – Running for State Representative

 Robert is running for the 97th house of Representative in the 2016 November General Elec

Guest Speaker: Tammy Galloway – Activities Director

The Activities Committee met last week and scheduled the first annual Trick or Trunking for Treating Saturday October 22nd from 5-9 pm. A Facebook page was created for Activities (Reddingtwpact) all the events are listed on Facebook. Please call the number on the flyer  for the Trick or Trunking or go to the Facebook page to reserve a spot if you would like to participate in the decorating your trunk and passing out candy (you must supply your own candy). The Tick or Trunking is opened to area communities. Local Merchants have donated and I expect more donations to come in

 Booster Club Marlene McGlashen 

Marlene asked if the Activities committee will be participating in the can driveTammy Galloway said the flyer for the Tick or Trunking does ask for a donation of can goods.

Approval of Meeting Minutes: 08/17/2016 Meeting Minutes

A motion was made to accept the meeting minutes as printed. A Motion made by Treasurer Gruber/Trustee Scarbrough. All in favor-motion carried.

Treasurer’s ReportTreasurer Gruber reported about 82% of people have paid their summer taxes, slightly higher than last year. Supervisor Krchmar commented that he received a complaint from a taxpayer that Treasurer Gruber didn’t return his call. Treasurer Gruber replied the man was verbally rude to her and he kept calling her throughout the day. Treasurer Gruber referred the taxpayer the Supervisor. The man called and apologized the next day to Treasurer Gruber

  Clerk’s Update:

The General election will be November 8th.The Preliminary test will be October 10th at 6:00 pm and the Public Accuracy will be October 17th. at 6:00pm. The Audit has been rescheduled for October 6th. The new dump cards are fading fast in the sun Clerk Borgula suggested a thicker card stock when it’s time to re-order new cards. It was the Supervisor’s opinion the Board is going too far having the Transfer station attendant ask for license if he knows the people. Clerk Borgula suggested to leave it alone until next year, it was Treasurer’s Gruber opinion Supervisor Krchmar is confusing the Transfer Station attendant again by changing the rules

 Sheriff’s Incidents:

 There was 40 incidents and one 1 MMR Assist.

Old Business:

Insurance: The Board decided to stay with Lind & Lind.

Cemetery Cleanup: Supervisor Krchmar called Professional Grade Services (Tony Zielinski) and left a message that he wanted to meet him at the cemetery to go over the uncompleted job cleaning up the debris. Professional Grade Services didn’t return his call. Supervisor Krchmar told the Board he sent two emails following the phone call with no response. Supervisor Krchmar suggested Clerk Borgula hold the check and send Professional Grade Services a letter stating no payment will be made until the work has been completed and to contact Supervisor Krchmar to meet with him. A Motion was made by Clerk Borgula/ Trustee McGlashen, to send a letter to Professional Grade Services -Motion carried.

New Business:

Snow Plowing Contracts:

Supervisor Krchmar suggested Snow Bids should be due by October 10th. Clerk Borgula will handle it.

L-4029 form: Special Assessment levied for Fire protection for 2016 winter taxes. A Motion was made by Treasurer Gruber/ Clerk Borgula to set the millage at .80 -Motion carried

Adoption of the FOIA Policy for viewing Assessment Records

The Board reviewed the FOIA Policy for viewing the assessmentrecords. AMotion was made by Trustee Scarbrough /Treasurer Gruber to adopt the policy. – All in favor- Motion carried.

New Vacuum cleaner for Township Hall:

Clerk Borgula asked the Board toapprove$97.15 for a new vacuumfor the hall. A motion was made by Treasurer Gruber/Trustee McGlashen- All in favor Motion carried.

Funeral Dinners: Supervisor Krchmar stated that he received a call about no longer having funeral dinners, Clerk Borgula stated she did speak with the women and she explained the people who use to donate and put the dinners on are no longer living in Redding Township. It was the Supervisor’s opinion the Township Hall be available free of charge to the families. Clerk Borgula will create a policy and bring it back to the Board to vote on next month.

 Public Comment:

Pat Gauthier- stated that she feels that the Hall should be open for the Families to have a funeral dinners.

 Approval of Bills:

A motion was made by Treasures Gruber / Trustee McGlashen to approve Check #2973 – 3008 and payroll withholding of $466.34 and total amount of $9426.15- All in favor- Motion carried.

 Motion to adjourn:

A motion was made by Clerk Borgula/ Trustee Scarbrough to adjourn at 8:50pm-Motion carried




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