1-18-17 Board Minutes




Jan. 18, 2017

8391 W. Temple DriveHarrison, MI48625


The Meeting was called to order at 7:01 pm.

Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance


Board Members Present:Supervisor Borgula, Clerk Galloway, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.


  • Guests: Mike Galloway, Dale Majewski, Ed Uber, Ray Borgula, Ed Williams


  • Public Comment: Mike Galloway asked if anything could be done about the speeding on 61? Ed Williams from the Sheriff Dept said he would take the concerns back to the station.


  • Guest Speakers: Dale MajewskiClare County Commissioner

They held their first Board meeting of the year and appointed a Chair person.

Melissa Townsend reported that Freeman and HayesTownship have Gypsy moths.

Supervisor Borgula asks how they could they approve the budget if it was over the revenue? Dale stated that the Administration said the Budget was balanced.


·         Guest Speakers: Ed Williams Sheriffs Department – Asked if there were was anything else the Department could do? Ray Borgula also stated how the Transit and the school bus speeds down Linda Dr. and this is very unsafe.


  • Approval of Meeting Minutes: 12/21/2016 Meeting Minutes

A motion was made to accept the minutes after correction to Meeting Minutes – under New Business – Town Hall Floor to change the coma in $150.00 to a period.

Motion made by Supervisor Borgula with correction/ Supported by Treasurer Gruber all in favor Motion carried.


  • Clerk: Clerk Galloway asked about MTA & Election training what classes should she attend. Supervisor Borgula said that there isn’t a need to attend the second MTA training, but yes the Election training is mandatory and they will pay mileage.

Taxes – Clerk Galloway asked if she could have the Federal and State taxes before filing them looked over by Baird,Cotter & Bishop. Motion was made by Supervisor Borgula to allow them to be looked at. Supported by Treasurer Gruber – All in favor motion carried.


  • Treasurers Report: Nothing new tax collection has slowed down about 50% of taxes has been collected.


·         Sheriff’s Incidents: 31 calls


  • Unfinished Business:

Recycling: There was a big mix-up with Waste Management this past weekend they were suppose to bring in our permanent recycling bin instead they brought in a Roll off. Supervisor was able to contact them Sunday and requested that they remove the Roll off which was not ordered. The cost of the recycling bin once it is full will be $250.00 to empty. Four recycling signs showing what can and cannot be dumped will be placed on the bin as a reminder.

Policies: Supervisor Borgula has been working on some of the policies she will be scheduling a meeting for the Board to review the policies and her goal is to have the Policy Book completed by the end of the year.






AMAR Audit: Supervisor Borgula spoke with the Assessor, there are 796 parcels in our township and only 20% are assessed. The Assessor is suggesting that we have the Township reassessed the last time the township was assessed was 2008. They would re-measure 160 parcels a year for 5 years at the cost of $800.00 per year.

The matter was tabled until next month.


·         New Business:

BOR Appointments: Motion was made that Dave Gruber, Mike Galloway & Ray Borgula, Motion made by Trustee McGlashen to appoint them Supported by Treasurer Gruber – All in favor Motion carried.

BOR Training: $30.00 each $120.00 for all to attend. Motion made to allow by Trustee McGlashen Supported by Treasurer Gruber – All in favor motion carried.

Poverty Exempt Resolution: Supervisor Borgula went over the new policy changes were made regarding annual income and assets.

                        Motion: Adoption of Poverty Exempt resolution

                        Motion made by Trustee McGlashen

                        Supported by Clerk Galloway

Role call vote: Supervisor Borgula – Yah    Clerk Galloway – Yah  Treasurer Gruber – Yah

                          Trustee Scarbrough – Yah   Trustee McGlashen – Yah  All in favor motion carried

Poverty Exempt Resolution – Adoption this day January 21, 2017

Twp. Hall inside lights: Motion was made to allow up to $150.00 for 2 LED lights/tester and paying Ray Borgula $10.00 a light he replaces. Motion made by Supervisor Borgula Supported by Trustee Scarbrough all in favor motion carried.

Community Clean Up: Supervisor Borgula brought up about having a spring clean up and bringing in 4 roll off to try and help clean up the township. Try was talk about getting volunteers to help the elderly in the township that aren’t able to physically do it on their own. The cost for 4 roll offs would be around $1600.00. The matter was tabled until next month.


·         Public Comment:


·         Approval of Bills:

After reviewing the Monthly report Supervisor Borgula pointed out that there were 4 items that were not added onto the report and that the balance equaling $4,534.35 was incorrect and that the Bills could not be approved until it was corrected. Clerk Galloway made the corrections and the new amount of the monthly bills equaled $6,483.46.

Motion was made to approve the corrected amount was made by Supervisor Borgula Supported by Treasurer Gruber all in favor motion carried.


·         Motion to adjourn: Made by Trustee Scarbrough Supported by Trustee McGlashen all in favor Motion carried

·         Meeting Adjourned 8:30





TGalloway – Clerk