Twp Board Meeting – June 21 2017

June 21, 2017
8391 W. Temple Drive Harrison, MI 48625

The Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.
Followed by the Pledge of Allegiance

Board Members Present: Supervisor Borgula, Clerk Galloway, Treasurer Gruber, Trustee McGlashen and Trustee Scarbrough.

• Guests: Mike Galloway, Dale Majewski, Ed Uber, Linda Miller, Bob Schaible, Donna Schaible

• Public Comment:

• Guest Speakers: Dale Majewski – Clare County Commissioner:
The meeting today was mainly taken up by the Prosecuting Attorney justifying why another Prosecutor is needed in her office. In the past, the case load was mostly drug related now they are more severe crimes with up to life sentences. We did grant her the authority to replace the person leaving, which will give them 3.

They also honored a softball player from Harrison Allison Labaski, She did a lot of fundraising for the meals
program with her pitching, so we, as the Board, honored her today for doing that for the community.

Jenny did give us the numbers for the foreclosure parcels – Redding Township only has 2, same as the last two years 2015 & 2016.

Supervisor Borgula stated that she has called the County for support to find out that they no longer have a Blight Ordinance – they deemed it unconstitutional. Commissioner Majewski stated that they dissolved the Planning Committee because many townships have zoning some do not, some have Planning Committees some do not. It was really slowing things down for the Townships for example that were going for Grants. So by dissolving the County Planning Board it gives the Townships the ability to do their own thing. By doing this it speeds up the process for the Townships – they no longer have to go through the County to get an Ordinance passed, etc.
Supervisor Borgula stated that as a Township we are looking more for support. For example called Building Inspector because a resident in the township has built a dwelling way up at least 5 foot in the air – resident told inspector it was just a shop and he would not be living in it. Now he has enclosed below it which has an existing well. resident was given permission by the inspector to complete the build as long he will not be living in it. At the time of permission, the Inspector wasn’t aware of the pre-existing well.

Guest Speaker: None

• Approval of Meeting Minutes: 05/17/2017 Meeting – Motion made by Treasurer Gruber Supported by Trustee Scarbrough – all in favor Motion carried.

• Approval of Special Meeting Minutes: 06/9/2017 Motion made by Supervisor Borgula Supported by Trustee McGlashen all in favor Motion carried.

• Supervisor Report:
MTA Principles of Governance (Proper way to govern as a member of the Board) – Supervisor Borgula read and the Board members signed

Community Service Workers Update – I got in touch with Judge Farrel’s secretary. Unfortunately at this time they have no one in our area to come out but she is going to update me. Treasurer Gruber asked about the Sheriff Department – those who owe community service. Supervisor Borgula stated she will check with them to get help for some of our older residents that need help with lawns, etc.

Stockwell Road – Supervisor Borgula received a call from a resident on Stockwell Road complaining that the road was flooding out. She asked that she come look at her road – the resident had already called Road Commission. Supervisor Borgula said she couldn’t believe what she saw when she got out there. It is supposed to be a creek and it was at least 8 foot deep – the beavers have damned it up and the resident said the bugs and snakes are awful because of the flooding. The resident put a stick with a flag to stop the school bus from going down the road because the road is collapsing and the water on the road is 6 to 8 feet deep. Supervisor took pictures and called Road Commissioner to explain that she is also concerned about the resident’s well. The water is getting very close to it. He assured her they would get on it right away. They did come out the next day and worked on the area where the beaver did the damage and the water was starting to recede – but the other road is so bad they may have to redo the whole road and replace the culvert. This is Dish Water Creek.

Cemetery Outhouse – it is falling down and the roof is bad. Ray and I are concerned that the paint might have lead in it. It hasn’t been used in years except to throw bags of garbage in. Buster said he would fill in the hole with the cemetery sand pile if we decided to take it down. Board was in agreement that it should be taken down. We will have to check out test for lead and see how we can dispose of it.

John from Temple Lawn Care – His lawnmower broke down. He hit something while mowing so he said if we just bear with him he will finish the lawn and the cemetery Sunday.

Blight Update – Residents are cleaning up so the Blight letters are working. Treasurer Gruber went with her to meet with Maye Rood from Hayes Township and they looked at their Blight Ordinance. All the townships are starting to work on blight problems. We will be looking at updating ours. There are going to be a couple that we will may need to take to Court.
We will be sending thank you cards to those who are complying with the letter.

Transfer Station Brine – I just got a call from Brian Graves. He got his Operator License from the State and he needs work – talked to him and he said he would brine the Transfer Station and the subdivision for $200.00 he would do the whole township for about $3200.00.

• Clerk Report:
Special / Other Meeting Invoices – Clerk Galloway gave the Trustees Invoices and asked them to fill them out if they are attending any Special or Other meeting and turn them in by the Thursday prior to the meeting or they will not be paid for that invoice until the following month. This will help with bookkeeping as well as projecting the budgets.
Clerk Professional Development Training – Clerk Galloway asked the Board for permission to attend the 2 day training in July.They are covering things that I haven’t done yet in the Clerk position and I feel it would“ be very beneficial for me as the Township Clerk. The cost of the training is $299.00 plus room $108 and mileage.
Supervisor Borgula made the motion to send Clerk Galloway to the training Supported by Trustee McGlashen all in favor Motion carried.

• Treasurer Report:
Update- I made a minor adjustment to April because I have inadvertently put a check that was supposed to be in Sanitation in General checking and once I made correct it brings May’s beginning and ending balances agreeable with Clerk Galloway’s reports.

Record Retention – I have no room left in the file/record room so I contacted MTA and spoke with Michael.
He gave me a list of retention periods – but he did ask if I was on BS&A and said you can access as far back as 2008 so you don’t have to keep all the paper records and you no longer have to keep all once you have them entered in BS&A, or once she has settled with County Treasurer. He also stated that you don’t need to keep the Tax Rolls since they are also on BS&A: however, Supervisor Borgula asked Treasurer Gruber to keep 3 years of the Tax Rolls at the Hall because she sometimes refers to them.

Tina Equalization – Treasurer Gruber brought up about the bottom portion of the Tax bill – as your receipt – now it states that you keep the bottom portion as your record. New format was created and townships will now get the new format.

New Website – Treasurer Gruber was doing some research and looking at other townships websites. Hayes Township is very nice and puts ours to shame. Bill Wallace is revamping the website and she would like to sit with him and see what we can do as far as updating our website. Treasurer Gruber will work with Bill on this.

Sheriff’s Report: 46 calls & 1 Fire Report

New Business
Junkyard Ordinance – Ordinance was created and adopted June 9, 2017.

Budget Update – We have our budget for 2017/2018 Fiscal Year equaling total projected expenditures of $116,300.00 Projected Fund Balance is $197,000.00. This balance can be off a little – this is an estimate. We can usually operate on around $105,000.00 unless we have unexpected expenses or repairs. We need to close out the budget as of June 30, 2017 and we came within our guideline. We came in around $10,000.00 under. We did very well. Motion made by Clerk Galloway to accept new Budget of $116,300.00. Supported by Treasurer Gruber all in favor Motion carried. Resolution #1215 signed and dated by board members.

Tire Recycling – We have 4 workers at $10.00 an hour totaling $120.00

Right to First Refusal – Township not interested in purchasing 2 properties going up for Tax Auction.

• Public Comment:

• Approval of Bills:
Motion to approve checks 3223 – 3248 and Withholding of $425.00 equaling $10,396.15
Motion to approve was made by Trustee Scarbrough and Supported by Treasurer Gruber. All in favor. Motion carried.
• Motion to adjourn: Made by Trustee McGlashen and Supported by Treasurer Gruber. All in favor. Motion carried.
• Meeting Adjourned 8:28pm

TGalloway – Clerk